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      Bernie Sanders Must Take the Gloves off Against Joe Biden Tonight – Jacobin

      It’s now or never: in his debate with Joe Biden tonight, Bernie Sanders must make clear that Biden’s track record and policy proposals are nowhere near sufficient to meet the challenge of coronavirus, our multiple crises of health care and inequality, or defeat Donald Trump. Bernie can’t hold back any longer.



      The first half of March was not kind to Bernie Sanders. Following victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, he suffered disappointing defeats to Joe Biden on March 3 and March 10 and now trails in the overall delegate count. But as he faces off with Biden tonight in the primary’s first one-on-one debate, Sanders has a critical opportunity to turn everything around.

      The United States, suddenly upended by a pandemic, is crying out for the type of drastic public health action that only Sanders promises to bring. This is his moment. In order to seize it, he must abandon the collegiality he’s shown Biden thus far and expose the former vice president for what he is: a feeble, confused, unelectable candidate whose platform is woefully insufficient to handle the crises we’re facing, much less defeat Donald Trump.

      Sanders’s supporters seemed demoralized after his losses on Tuesday. Cable news was all but calling the race for Biden, and establishment hacks like James Carville and David Frum were openly calling for Sanders to drop from the race. Exit polls showed that while primary voters were more inclined to agree with Sanders on the issues, they overwhelmingly saw Biden as the more electable candidate. A question echoed over social media as a sort of resigned chorus: Does Bernie still have a chance?

      But with a devastating coronavirus now sweeping the globe, threatening millions of Americans’ lives and livelihoods and exposing every glaring hole in our weak welfare state, a Sanders presidency suddenly feels more urgent than ever. He must be the nominee if we want any chance at recovering.







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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      There are clear signs of increased pressure from all angles. I’m hopeful that he used that “in home” chat to warm the sentiment of what must surely follow.

      He MUST distinguish the “we have been friends” followed by, “and this is where the line is drawn for the following reasons…”

      One thing about everyone not having sports establishments to flock to, and having to stay at home is the audience tonight.

      Here’s to the fight that not only HE must commence with, but what WE must do to drum home the message of how our votes should not be messed with. The DNC does not get to tell the electorate, “Too bad… We don’t want him”… and WE must be front and center one to one at the District offices and as many forms of publicity on that message.

      It’s US, not just HIM, but we better concentrate on the whole thing, WillyT!

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      “Medicare for all is great. You better not even dream about it unless I win the presidency. Other candidates are too nervous and too timid to take on big issues like this. I am not afraid. I am not stuck in the past…” and so on. This is Bernie’s only real chance. He needs to make voters realize they are choosing between the past and the future. We already have a president who wants to Make America Great Again by pretending we live in a 1950s family sitcom. Biden wants to make it a 1960s family sitcom. Trading the Cleaver family for the Bunker family doesn’t accomplish much. Bernie needs to make voters confront this by hammering on the issues, not by attacking Kindly Mr. Electable.

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      Be sure to read it in its entirety.  I hope Bernie reads it too!  The pundits on George S’s show today were very dismissive of Bernie by saying that he’ll probably give his usual spiel that he’s been hammering for the past 30 years, and even bring up the Iraq War vote again.  I’m hoping that Bernie will prove them wrong with a new message and convince people, especially the oldsters, that he is the electable one and has their best interests at heart!  I wish he would personalize his message with stories about people and how they are being affected by the present crisis.

      I’m an old biddy living in Vegas and the city will be hit hard since we’re so dependent on tourists, conventions, etc.  Just a few days ago, casino bartenders were being laid off and told to file for unemployment.  Being a right-to-work state, this is probably a great opportunity for the casinos to cull their older workers–they make higher wages than a newbie, don’t you know.  Of course, the unemployed won’t be able to take their coveted health care plan with them!  Too bad, no Medicare4All!

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