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      Bernie Sanders Reached Out to Black Voters. Why Didn’t It Work? – TheAtlantic



      Two years ago, Bernie Sanders journeyed south to trace the history of a past revolution, and to imagine a new one.

      On April 4, 2018, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., thousands of people gathered on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, for a rally and a march. Sanders was one of the speakers. He took the stage and gripped the podium with one hand, the microphone with the other. “Dr. King was not just a great civil-rights leader,” Sanders, who had not officially announced that he would run for president again, said. “He was a nonviolent revolutionary!” The crowd broke into applause as he paused for a moment. “He was a man who wanted to transform our country morally, economically, and racially.” It wasn’t enough to simply remember King, Sanders explained: People needed to follow in his footsteps.

      Later that day he traveled farther south, to Jackson, Mississippi, where, in June 1963, the famous civil-right activist Medgar Evers—who led economic boycotts and voter-registration drives in the state—was murdered in his driveway by a white supremacist after an NAACP meeting. The city’s mayor is now Chokwe Antar Lumumba, a 36-year-old who wants to make Jackson the most “radical city on the planet.” Onstage at the Thalia Mara Concert Hall, the pair had an hour-long conversation about economic exploitation—one of the three evils King railed against—and economic justice.

      Each stop on Sanders’s journey through the South doubled as early outreach to a demographic he would desperately need if and when he sought the presidency again.

      Sanders’s agenda…







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      This time his staff was very diverse including the San Juan Mayor who was very popular with Democrats after the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. I think he ran an even better campaign than he did in 2016. For awhile Sanders was the national leader among non white voters. The campaign worked until the debates, South Carolina, etc then Biden won states he didn’t campaign in.

      Sanders did the hard work while Biden is able to make mistake after mistake, lie after lie, and he is leading. It is baffling. I don’t recall anyone doing this poorly ever on their way to winning a nomination.


      The 150 million lie really sticks in my head when Biden supporters try to vote shame Sanders supporters.

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      cheats, rigs.  I don’t think we should blame political identity groups, that is playing the DNC game.  That is their favorite form of deflection.

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      Biden was Obama’s VP. He kept reminding everyone “Obama’s my friend”.

      Hillary was Obama’s Sec’y of State. In 2016 it was “Bernie’s not even a Democrat”.

      Those two messages carried a lot of weight. Issues took a back seat.


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      @djean111 is right. I think this is the reason Bernie is not doing better. And/or Republicans crossing over and voting for Biden in the open primary states.


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        ..absolutely.They are rigging and stealing this thing right and left.And even Bernie,great and good as he is,will not contest this.Perhaps he daren’t.

        And there was the other factor,the influence of Jim Clyburn and his fellow so called leaders.Older voters tend to genuflect before these guys because they were once great men,now they are system sellouts and they sell out the voters who unthinking follow their advice.

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        FFS, they even tried to keep Mayor Lumumba from voting! How many others, who lack any sort of authority,  were turned away? How many others had their votes destroyed?

        At this point,  I’m almost tempted to register Republican because there’s already evidence it can be changed from the inside.  Party of Lincoln 2024!

        "I believe man suffers from an appalling ignorance of his own nature." -William Golding, Lord of the Flies

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      piling-up votes. In ANY demographic, seems to me. It’s the Bible Belt. Doesn’t matter Sanders’ civil rights activism, getting arrested,…. and all the rest. “Jesus loves me this I know. ” trumps all that.

      Hence the complete 2016  primary shut-out of SBS in a region which is utterly insignificant politically in the generally election, as it is solid RED. (There are a lot more white people in the south than black, And, alas, they vote Republican. An Alabama DEM presidential primary is almost comically inconsequential.)

      He ( Bernie )  *seems* to do statistically better among Northern AAs… notwithstanding their  southern roots.  I wonder what the #s are for immigrant US citizens from Africa and the West Indies.  I suspect  they are  a lot better for Sanders than the vote from AA DEMs considered as a single demographic.

      Number-nerds: get to work.


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