Bernie Sanders staffs up for 2020

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      Bernie Sanders is adding firepower to his political team ahead of a potential 2020 campaign, locking down digital alumni who were key to his surprise performance in 2016 and recruiting the media production company that helped launch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to prominence.

      The flurry of activity, detailed by four people familiar with the campaign’s thinking, is the latest sign that the Vermont senator is closing in on a decision on a second run for the White House.

      Means of Production, the filmmaking cooperative that created the viral campaign video that propelled Ocasio-Cortez’s House campaign, is in talks with the Sanders team about a major role in 2020. And two people who powered Sanders’ record-breaking small-dollar fundraising operation in 2016 have agreed to join a subsequent presidential bid if it materializes, according to a Sanders campaign aide: Tim Tagaris and Robin Curran, his digital fundraising director and digital production director in 2016, respectively.

      The aide said another pair that have helped Sanders build a digital media juggernaut out of his Senate office — media producer Armand Aviram and digital director Georgia Parke — are likely to be part of his 2020 team, too.

      Well I decided to post this article even though in the end they do mention the so called “scandal”. I said earlier that I wouldn’t post any article that mentioned it. But over all the article is positive even for Politico. At least to me gearing up for a 2020 run is definitely positive!

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      I tried to post this earlier but the hamsters rejected it. Glad you were able to. As for Politico, they are inside-the-Beltway corporatist shills all the way and will always throw mud at Bernie.

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      No doubt Bernie is gearing up! His campaign will be better organized and coordinated this time around which should make a yuge difference in the long run. He know the ropes now, the ground game is light years ahead of anyone else contemplating running (on the D side) and the grassroots are still with him. Run Bernie Run!!!

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