Bernie Sanders SURGES into National Lead in New Reuters/IPSOS Poll

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    Bernie Sanders SURGES into National Lead in New Reuters/IPSOS Poll




    “….Bernie Sanders will be on with Stephen Colbert tonight, but he got some good new from an Reuters/IPSOS poll putting him in first place nationally with 17%, Joe Biden with 15% and Elizabeth Warren with 10%. But whereas Bernie is leading in almost every top line and policy category, he trails Biden in electability. Supporters of Bernie need to work hard in showing that Bernie Sanders’ ability to drive turnout is essential in beading Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election…”





    On edit: added poll tweet

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    Bernie was on Colbert tonight and Colbert commented about Bernie’s lead in the polls.

    If you missed his appearance, try to catch it on youtube. He spoke eloquently to how Trump’s assassination should have been the last option. He described how diplomacy may not sound sexy but it is what should come first. He described how we have people in the state department who have spent their lives understanding the culture of a people and we need to bolster our state department (remember how Trump starved it at the beginning of his term?).

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    Some DNC countermeasures – saying a vote for Warren is a vote for Bernie – so vote for Biden.  To ensure that Biden wins before the convention, and Bernie and Warren cannot join forces.   Also – whenever Biden says he is doing something like working with the GOP and/or cutting Social Security or supported the war in Iraq – he is merely being “sarcastic”.   Oh, and the guy Biden told to “vote for Trump” – attacked Biden, no, wait, he was holding a sign in one hand and other hand hanging down, and Biden was actually grabbing the guy by his shoulder – so!  did you know that when Biden has a town hall, it is the HEIGHT of aggressive rudeness to approach him and ask him a question or talk to him?  Is Biden actually Hillary in drag?

    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

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    This is very encouraging, thanks!

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    Well well well. Vichy Dem supporters howling “outlier!” in 3…2…1…

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    Probably not a headline over at SV. Over at that bastion of democracy, one might find the name Bernie Sanders under “F*ck Putin and his socialists in the U.S.”

    FWIW, back before the purge of 2015-16, in two separate polls at SV, Hillary got a whoppong 9% of the vote, Bernie got 90%!

    Let those two polls stand as proof that those of us of good conscience-that those of us willing to fight against corporatism once fought there at SV but we were defeated by a corporate run system.

    Corporatism is killing our planet. Bernie fights against corporatism. SV supports corporatism.

    I know that I am at the right place….Bernie or bust AND let’s get President Sanders the Progressives he needs in Congress to get our needs met.

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