Bernie Sanders: The Planet Is in Peril. We’re Building Congress’ Strongest-Ever Climate Bill

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      Let me be honest in telling you that this reconciliation bill, the final details of which are still being written, will not do everything that needs to be done to combat climate change. But by investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the reduction of carbon emissions it will be a significant step forward and will set an example for what other countries should be doing.

      Here are some of the proposals that are currently in the bill:
      —Massive investments in retrofitting homes and buildings to save energy.
      —Massive investment in the production of wind, solar and other forms of sustainable energy.
      —A major move toward the electrification of transportation, including generous rebates to enable working families to buy electric vehicles and energy-efficient appliances.
      —Major investments in greener agriculture.
      —Major investments in climate resiliency and ecosystem recovery projects.
      —Major investments in water and environmental justice.
      —Major investments in research and development for sustainable energy and battery storage.
      —Billions to address the warming and acidification of oceans and the needs of coastal communities.

      The creation of a Civilian Climate Corps which will put hundreds of thousands of young people to work transforming our energy system and protecting our most vulnerable communities.

      The Budget Resolution that allows us to move forward on this ambitious legislation was passed last Wednesday at 4am, by a vote of 50-49 after 14 hours of debate. No Republican supported it, and no Republican will support the reconciliation bill. In fact, Republicans have been shamefully absent from serious discussions about the climate emergency.

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