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  • eridani (6814 posts)

    Bernie Sanders: Trump is a ‘pathological liar’


    Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday lit into President Donald Trump and his most recent Supreme Court nominee on the eve of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, calling Trump a “pathological liar” who “works night and day on behalf of his fellow billionaires.”

    “And most reprehensible, we have a president who is not doing what almost every president in American history has done: When you make it into the Oval Office, you understand you’ve got a sacred responsibility to bring the American people together,” the independent senator from Vermont told a crowd at an AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire. “Today we have a president who for cheap political reasons is trying to divide us up.”

    Sanders’ remarks came ahead of Senate hearings for Kavanaugh, whose confirmation Democrats are expected to bitterly oppose.

    “I have no doubt that if he is selected, put into the Supreme Court, the nominee will be an anti-worker justice,” said Sanders, who lost the 2016 Democratic presidential primary to Hillary Clinton. “He will also be an anti-woman justice. We should call him out.”

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