Bernie Sanders Was Slapped for Supporting Jesse Jackson in ’88

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      During the 1988 Democratic Presidential Primaries, Rev. Jesse Jackson emerged as a viable contender for the Democratic nomination against establishment-backed Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. An ardent supporter of Mr. Jackson’s presidential bid was Bernie Sanders—then mayor of Burlington, Vermont. During a Democratic caucus, Mr. Sanders gave a speech in support of Mr. Jackson while Democrats in the room turned their backs—and, as he walked off stage, a woman slapped him across the face. Mr. Sanders was one of the few elected officials to cross racial lines and openly endorse Mr. Jackson, ultimately helping Mr. Jackson win Vermont against Mr. Dukakis by one delegate in 1988. Although Mr. Dukakis would win the Democratic presidential nomination, Mr. Jackson made it closer to the presidency than any black person before him.

      Mr. Sanders’ speech supporting Mr. Jackson parallels many of his speeches on his own campaign trail today—including one of his signature sayings, “enough is enough.” Mr. Sanders praised Mr. Jackson for uniting disenfranchised voters and focusing on issues such as wealth inequality and racial injustice, and Mr. Jackson’s ’88 campaign closely resembles Mr. Sanders’ current platform. Dr. Cornel West, who has campaigned on behalf of Mr. Sanders for months, and who worked for both of Mr. Jackson’s presidential campaigns, likened Mr. Sanders to an insurgent on par with Mr. Jackson—but with even more direct and progressive criticisms of Wall Street.

      Bernie Sanders Was Slapped for Supporting Jesse Jackson in ’88

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      Hi pademd,

      Yep – and the open hostility displayed in 1988 is still prevalent today among the so-called liberals of the democratic party.  Try as the DNC and their donors and defenders might, their contempt for working people is clear and unambiguous.  All of which we can thank Bernie for exposing.  Now that we know the truth, it is up to us to change reality.  One wonders if the 99% are up for that kind of revolution.


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      Apologies to Gore Vidal.


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