Bernie tops progressive straw poll

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      This surprises none of us here, but it is nice that everybody else gets a LITTLE reminder….

      Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tops the first 2020 straw poll by the progressive political action committee Democracy for America by a wide margin, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).

      Sen. Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, has seen her stock slide among the group‘s members, according to the poll, released Tuesday and obtained first by POLITICO. The Massachusetts Democrat, whose success in similar polling four years ago propelled DFA to help organize a massive but ultimately unsuccessful effort to draft her into the 2016 presidential campaign, was running fourth.


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      She not only didn’t run, she stayed mum while the Sanders movement, which started out as being in large part her movement until she declined to run, was getting trashed by the establishment.

      So she’s starting from scratch in the minds of many young voters, and while she has her record of standing up to the banks and Wall Street, that’s just the beginning in winning the primary vote. Primary voters will want an anti-war candidate, and she’s not noted for standing up to the Forever War proponents (which include Clinton, and to a lesser degree, Obama).

      And then there’s the perception by some that Trump got the best of her over her claiming minority status by way of having Native American ancestry. It was on her resume at Harvard, and though it’s a dead horse issue to many people now, especially Democrats, it looks like it could be a persisting liability if she’s the Democrat’s opponent to Trump.

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      Can’t be true can it? (snark, snark…….)

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