Bernie: We Need Justice for George Floyd

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      What we need is a nation that fundamentally respects the human dignity of every person. That starts with justice for George Floyd.

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      The usual demand is to convict police officers of crimes and throw them in jail. I’m not sure that course offers much justice. I’m convinced police misbehavior is systemic, extending far beyond “a few bad apples.” The police are afraid of non-police in general, and terrified of young black men. They maintain a secret society and protect each other out of fear. They fear they will be killed by a black man. They fear they will lose their jobs if they let slip any information about what they do on the job. They fear the public, the media, the community relations board, departmental administration, city officials, the court system, etc. In short, they fear everyone who is not one of them, everyone who is not a cop. How can you protect and serve the community when you think everybody in the community is against you? And that is the self-fulfilling prophecy. “I’m gonna get them before they get me!” Convicting a few cops of a few crimes will do very little to change the system. Fix the system. Restore some mutual trust between the police and the community. Do that and I’ll consider that justice. It makes all of us safer, allows the police to do their jobs, and results in fewer dead bodies.

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      and go lick a boot.


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