Beto Is The Thirdway’s Boy. They BELIEVE Beto’s National Narrative is VERY CLOSE To What It Should Be

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      “…We are big Beto fans,” says ThirdWay MattB to Alex Seitz -Wald. “His main campaign themes have been very close to what we think a nat’l narrative should be. And the happy warrior approach is just right for running against a horrible person like Cruz or Trump…”


      Alex Seitz-Wald is the Thirdway co-writer weasel who wrote that NBC News article attacking David Sirota and Bernie…….


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      I still think Beto is a trial run so they can hone their skills for Kamala Harris. She’s got more ID politics buttons they can push, plus she’s actually won a couple of statewide elections.

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      …and they are SO WRONG!

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      … Shall have his name put on my Enemies List, along with all the other friends of all my other enemies, and all the enemies of my friends (I have few friends, but each of them has a very long Enemies List!), as well as the many treacherous ex-friends who I once liked but who betrayed me by failing to wholeheartedly agree with me on everything, and the nasty ex-friends who dared to criticize someone higher up on my  Friends List.

      Damn, my Enemies List keeps getting longer, and my Friends List has, like, three names left on it.

      Does that make me a sad and hate-soaked person?  Am I saving the world or just drowning myself in bile?  I cannot tell.

      This has been a cautionary tale, but the moral is unclear.  Take from it what you will.

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        Based on voting records.

        “failing to wholeheartedly agree with me on everything” sounds pretty much like Purist! – but the Third Way Dems, like the New Democrat Coalition Dems and the No Labels Dems – any Dem who is actually voting like the GOP cannot be my friend.   If what they are doing is acceptable, really, then why not just vote GOP and cut out the (literal) middleman?

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      out what it is I am supposed to like so much about him? That he skateboards and plays the guitar? So what? How about what he actually voted for and against? But thanks to Sirota and a few others, now I know a lot of what he voted for and against, And he sucks. But now I also know why they only talk about his “charisma”, “coolness”, and, of course, his skateboard and guitar! Just another empty suit.

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