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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      …According to an increasingly popular narrative among the center-left, a dispiriting plurality of progressives are “class reductionists” — people who believe that economic equality is a cure-all for societal ills…  you’re probably already familiar with the main argument. It goes something like this: If a policy doesn’t resolve racism “first,” it’s at worst, racist and at best, not worth pursuing…According to one popular iteration of this theme, “Medicare for All” is presumptively racist or sexist... Perhaps you remember Rep. James Clyburn’s claim that a free college and university plan would “destroy” historically black colleges and universities. Maybe you’ve heard that the minimum wage is “racist” because it “Kills Jobs and Doesn’t Help the Poor,” or that it’s an act of privilege to care about Wall Street corruption, because only the wealthy could possibly mind what the banks do with the mortgages and pensions of millions of Americans. Perchance you’ve even been pitched on the incredible notion that rooftop solar panels hurt minority communities…

      Over-policing is a critical issue, but while approximately 1 in 6 blacks will be incarcerated in our lifetimes, 1 in 4 non-elderly black Americans is uninsured — that’s compared to 13 percent of non-Hispanic white Americans. Even the Black Lives Matter platform, which calls for universal health care, recognizes that health care is not a peripheral issue, but an existential one for black Americans. The reason it’s not perceived as a “person of color issue” is a matter of marketing, not substance..

      Intersectionality, the “buzzword” taken up so faithfully by mainstream Democrats in 2016, requires an acknowledgment that like race and sexual identity, class is a dimension that mediates one’s perspective. That means the hashtag #trustblackwomen shouldn’t collapse the interests of Oprah, a billionaire, with, well, anyone else’s...not all blacks or Latinos should be presumed to speak equally to the interests of poor and working-class people of color. This is a truth easily internalized when Democrats consider figures like Ben Carson or Ted Cruz. It’s a more difficult reality to swallow when considering one of our own…

      There is a tendency to reduce issues that have quite a bit to do with the economic opportunities available to all Americans, African-Americans among them, and in some instances overrepresented among them, to matters of race,” explained Reed, who is currently writing a book on the conservative implications of race reductionism… He pointed to the water crisis in Flint… as well as the mass incarceration crisis…. “In both those instances… whites are 40 percent, or near 40 percent, of the victims,” he said. “And that’s an awfully high number for collateral damage.” He went on: “There’s something systemic at play. But it can’t be reduced, be reducible, to race…”


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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Read her tweets often at @briebriejoy

      ~ All good things are Wild and Free ~

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      I agree, she’ll never be a Bidenist and shows no signs of compromising with those who perpetuate this catastrophe (the uni-party, endless class warfare).

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      The elites like to focus on race, sjw issues, because it costs them nothing, or next to nothing economically. And there are other ways it hurts the Dems.

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie

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      Quote:”It’s almost as if the real agenda here isn’t ending racism, but deterring well-meaning liberals from policies that would upset the Democratic Party’s financial base.’

      Almost? No, that’s exactly it. They are using racism as a smoke screen so they don’t have to do anything involving real change to the system.


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      Focus on race and ignore class.

      If one focuses on economic restructuring,class issues,racial equality will follow naturally.

      Liberals act like every black person is in the professional class now.They don’t think there is such a thing as black grocery clerks,black restaurant help,black Amazon or Uber drivers,black miners,black unemployed.

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      I firmly believe (actually I know) that when peoples’ basic economic needs are met — in a technologically advanced society, that includes housing, food, healthcare and education — and they feel secure, they are far less likely to act on primal impulses like racism, greed and fear.

      People who don’t understand this truth intuitively, are either ignorant idiots or they have ulterior motives like a desire to maintain the status quo.

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      game meat
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      I read it thinking, “Maaannn, I’ve been saying this for years. Good to see someone people actually respect saying it because no one cares what I think. People should internalize this, and stop reacting to the msm’s race narrative like trained seals, mindlessly trashing anyone who questions or pokes holes in the dishonesty of it all. They won’t, but they should. Oh well, at least they can’t call her a racist.”

      And it’s gotten much worse since 2018.

      There are two types of race reductionists: idiots and ratfuckers. I’ve yet to see anyone who takes this world view make an honest or coherent argument. Its all cherry picking stats and bizarre strawmen. So, in order to buy into it you would either have to be very stupid or in on the con.

      whites are 40 percent, or near 40 percent, of the victims

      And they’ve managed to convince people that pointing that out is on par with being a klansman, that the truth doesn’t matter and is just a feature of white grievance politics, that the politics of universality is to deny racism. TPTB have too much invested in racial divisions. Everyone has seen the Floyd video, but how many have seen the Tony Timpa video? That’s no accident. If people knew we were all in this together, then they might be inclined to start acting like it. Oh well. It is what it is.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      to Briahna Joy Gray.

      It was astute of her to point out that anytime capitalism is criticized, these race reductionists will wail that regulating or eliminating capitalism will hurt racial minorities. Capitalist propagandists wanted to argue that any class-based analysis is inherently racist and therefore morally evil.

      They came up with that conclusion before they twisted themselves into illogical and irrational pretzels making up arguments to justify it. Hmmm, sounds familiar…

      Ah, yes, reminds me of those guys! The Church is always right, therefore anyone who questions it is evil.


      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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