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    Beware the Sanders boogeyman!

    Comin ta getcha!  This article warns that the Sanders movement is coming after the Democratic Party from three different directions. And I guess that’s true.  There are some “Democrats” we think should be bumped off in primaries. There are some third party candidates we could support. There are some Democrats we could push to be more progressive.



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  • area woman (5118 posts)
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    1. The Democratic elite are nothing but a group of spoiled, rich toddlers who

    insist on running with scissors.

    I'm so cute I shit kittens.
  • Silver Witch (5481 posts)
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    2. Must be scary for those that live in a bubble

    I suspect the DNC just didn’t realize going for center and trying attract Republicans who thought Trump was the most evil of the two would fail so horribly.

    Now they only hear their own echo chamber of center right is where we should be!  I think mid-terms will be super bad for those who have not learned their lesson from 2016.

    • HassleCat (1547 posts)
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      3. The mid terms are looking very bad, and they will blame us. Again.eom

      • Silver Witch (5481 posts)
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        6. I can handle the blame.

        Prefer it over same old same old.

      • Rozinante (3696 posts)
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        9. The Whigs are still blaming those unruly Lincoln voters.

    • hollys mom (907 posts)
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      12. well than they were just plain stupid.

      I don’t know if they were stupid or did not want to win.

      When I was arguing with a  true believer,  I said if an election is considered life and death, don’t run an unpopular candidate, you would think that was logic 101, but noooo. I was told if she was unpopular it was the republicans fault.  Like duh, does it matter why someone is unpopular, you should not run unpopular candidates plain and simple.  apparently logic does not matter, and then, as a life long feminists I said the worst possible thing,  she said, well there were some that would not vote for a woman, and I said, well if it is a critical election maybe don’t run a woman,  ZAP! the third rail I was beaten down with insults after that one, I am a horrid person living in the 1800’s because I don’t believe you should run candidates that start out in deep holes they have to dig themselves out of, especially when they don’t do any of the digging.



      • Silver Witch (5481 posts)
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        16. You are right on Hollys Mom.

        it seems we are monsters for thinking running herself was a bad idea on many fronts. They are not stupid. They either didn’t ant to win or were just blind to the truth because they all love HRC and think she rocks. Hard to say

  • gardengoddess (455 posts)
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    4. Here are a couple of Democrats we need to get rid of…..

    House translation bill fails after GOP lawmakers introduce free option



    • Silver Witch (5481 posts)
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      17. Good point my friend.

      Glad to see you made this an OP. It is important to know who is against us and who is just plain dumb

  • jwirr (3869 posts)
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    5. I thought the article was interesting but they underestimate us progressives.

    We are in they laughed at us stage but they are wrong. THIS time we are not going to vote for them just because they or the lesser of two evils. We have been doing that since 1980 and look where it has gotten us.

    • Silver Witch (5481 posts)
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      7. This!!!! Double this.

    • ozoneman (557 posts)
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      10. If we ever want better than Clinton

      or Obama, then we’re going to have to be firm and vote progressive. Even if it means losing a few more elections.

      • Green Dog Dem (3276 posts)
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        11. Every election we lose causes more people to suffer.

        At this rate, an eventual progressive winner would be in charge of a smoking ruin. 

        Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).
        • ozoneman (557 posts)
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          14. It's going to take a revolution.

          Incremental change is not working. That gives us a choice between third way, neoliberal Democrats, and neocon Republicans. That cycle has to be broken and it won’t happen by trying to pick the lesser of evils.

  • vanflower (534 posts)
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  • TwilightSporkle (1796 posts)
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    13. Hell, there are some democrats that just want to bump us off.

    There was that one former senator who called for us to be “culled.” I have been told my mother deserves to die. I’ve seen laughter and high fives about us getting beat up.

    What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace

    But you only understand the language of the sword

    I let the blade do the talking

    So my tongue shall become iron

    And my words the mighty roar of war

  • Half Century Man (1088 posts)
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    15. A hit piece from MSN, the Munchausen Synergy Network.

    All the blame that’s fit to print.