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      To me, this was blown out of proportion to begin with.  Yes, it looked creepy and funny, but I always thought it was in a public setting, customary, and something that a politician would do to create rapport with their supporters.

      It is his policies that I don’t agree with, and the fact that their camp was trying to blame Sanders, Russia and others that I don’t think they should have done.

      I’m done with this, it is up to him and the ones calling him out.  If it goes to court, then that is on them.  If it is just those hugs and kisses on the cheek, well I doubt it would go far legally.  Either way, I don’t see it as actionable, I step back.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      I think that’s pretty much how most people would feel (including Rs).  A tempest in a teapot, which not incidentally makes D’s look like hypervigilant/overreacting SJWs in just the way Rs often portray them.

      And incidentally, makes women generally look weak too, like they’re incapable of personally dealing with someone who’s a bit too handsy in a firm yet polite way on the spot.  I think most women are capable of doing just that.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Joe Biden, the Senator from MBNA, is far more important than this. Joe Biden, who twisted arms in Ukraine so his son could make a few million, is more important that this. Joe Biden, champion of bankruptcy deform, is more important than this.

      I think you get the idea.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution.--Fred Hampton

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      game meat
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      Nobody who doesn’t already have it in for Biden is going to care. The whole thing is just dumb. An obvious political hit job, and a stupid one at that. Pretending to be THAT outraged that he touched someone’s arm on c-span. Yes, the hair sniffing is strange, who cares? There’s plenty of better dirt to be found in his actual record. That seems a lot more productive, imo.

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      He’s pawing and manhandling woman after woman after woman on video.  Sniffing their hair and kissing them without permission. The man was at a sexual abuse function and one of the girls who gave a speech about being sexually abused was sitting next to him and the man actually put his hand on her thigh! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these stories out there.

      And the children. OMG. Kids were wincing and recoiling at the fawning, kissing, cheek rubbing and playing with their hair. The man is creepy and obviously doesn’t know proper boundaries and personal space.

      If he announces he’s running, we’ll have an endless stream of women coming out of the woodwork. His behaviors are extremely inappropriate. He has no right to put his hands on anyone without permission…especially since most of the women had never met the man before.

      I hope he joins the warmongering felon and just slithers away.

      He’s not going to win.

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        The videos are very hard to watch.  I agree with you on the endless stream of women.  It is inevitable.

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        I agree with you, but when it comes to going against him politically.  I don’t see this as fruitful, and I would rather concentrate on the other things he’s done in terms of his job.

        The ones calling him out on this are free to go after him in courts, but I don’t see myself paying much attention to it.

        I’d probably get amused now and then, but that’s about it.

        Either way, even the ones I talk to here in DC consider Biden’s time to be done.  Even if they like him, time has passed him by.

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        Right,  The thing is this is what he does in public!  He does it because he has power and he has issues with women.. he perceives them as weaker. He is also doing this in places where turning around and confronting him would be very public. They are not coming in prepared to punch him in the nose on camera.

        My sister worked for him he treated his staff like garbage.

        I just had to take a test for coaching, the section on sexual abuse starts with this exact behavior. Inappropriate touching or crossing personal boundaries.

        I actually think it is an issue, a power issue. Like getting his sons companie in ukraine out of trouble, he is very un ethical and this is where it starts.


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      Conversely, out of this whole thing.  What I failed to consider, is the backlash against the ladies.

      So, I don’t have to like Biden, but even I think this whole thing is overblown.  I DO NOT want a backlash against the women who came out talking about this.

      Too many petty partisans would demonize these women, for something valid.  Just because something is not illegal, does not mean it is not creepy, wrong or anything.  The reason I am not going with this, is because I don’t see this going any where.

      Kinda like how I felt with the investigation on Trump.  I support an investigation, but I don’t see it as having to be my focus, and it should NOT be my focus.  Especially since it will not amount to much, they take it to conspiracy territory, and as such it over-reaches.

      Fact of the matter is, the only reason this is an over-reach is because of the media’s reaction.  The ladies had a legitimate complaint, where he was handsy, inappropriate and creepy but he was not doing anything illegal or outright wrong.  It should not have gone this far to begin with.  I don’t see the need for this to go to court, but of course some of these jerks going after the ladies are hyper-partisan punks that will seek to destroy them for calling him out.  Victimizing the victim further.

      I am done with the complaint against Biden, to me this is now between him and his accusers.  However, their attempt to destroy these ladies for coming out(smearing them and going on in wanton speculation), that is a different story.  That is where they show their hypocrisy.  I won’t stand for that either.

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      Biden was a part of the crooked BO regime that stole my house and if he is the nominee I will vote Trump and vote against every D on ballot except REALprogrssives

      Never expect different result by following the previous steps

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        @justsayin <!– .bbp-reply-author –>

        There are too many reasons for me not to vote Biden.  I don’t need to include this to my list.

        Like you, his complicity in the mass transference of wealth from the populace to the rich through losing their homes is a huge reason I am mad at the Obama administration.  Especially when they would bail out a Slum-Lord like Blackstone.

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      I wonder if this will send women away?

      I know growing up my dad had a friend like this and I had an uncle like this. They both creeped me out. At christmas we would always move my uncles name card so we didnt have to sit near him.  How many of us over fifty have had this experience?  I bet a lot. I have had very few in counters as I got older but After those few I could not stand these creeps. I dont like Biden never did, but this sums him up in my book.  I dont know if this is a generational power thing or not. But it defiantly leave an imprint on the brain.  Creepy people cross boundaries


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