Biden allies see O’Rourke as a clear threat

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      Allies to Joe Biden say Rep. Beto O’Rourke could pose a significant threat to the former vice president if both men choose to run for the White House.

      “If both of them run, and there’s a good chance they both will, I think it spells trouble for Biden,” said one longtime aide to the former vice president.

      There are a series of reasons why political observers think the upstart Texan could represent an existential threat to Biden’s presidential hopes.

      The biggest is that O’Rourke appeals to former President Obama’s network of former aides and donors, who are searching for a candidate to back for the first time in more than a decade.



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      I don’t think either will get the nomination.

      Biden represents “politics as usual” and is pretty old for the job.

      Beto is too inexperienced and won’t attract the big investors.

      I expect that a somewhat leftish, not too young or old, experienced but not burdened with a long baggage train, who can attract independents and moderates and hold on to the left to win.

      I also think that just about any Democrat not named Clinton can demolish the imbecile infesting the WH in 2020.


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      it tells me a lot about who is pushing Beto. No Mo’ BO for Prez for me.

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        he wil be the nominee.we progressives and bernie supporters don’t like him and won’t vote for him but we are illrelvent.the donors and establishment and msm will push himespecilly since bernie is next highest polling alterntive.

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