Biden and aides telling allies he is running in 2024 amid growing Democratic fears

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      Story behind paywall at .

      The message is aimed in part at tamping down the assumption among many Democrats that Biden may not seek reelection given his age and waning popularity, while also effectively freezing the field for other presidential hopefuls.

      His advisers say that health is not a current concern that would prevent another campaign.

      He has told people privately that he plans to run and we will be ready for that,” said one Biden adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal conversations.

      Biden has so far rejected then-president Donald Trump’s approach of declaring a reelection campaign in the first months in office, reasoning that such an announcement would waste money and wear out campaign donors, allies say. Biden is widely expected to wait until after the midterms to make a formal announcement.

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      Babel 17
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      That person is confided in, and told that Biden won’t run. Anyone else who has to float the idea that they’ll run, so as to build up a base of volunteers which you need to win the earliest primary states, will get smeared as opportunists and trouble makers who would make Biden look weak, and help get Trump elected.

      And look, some Russians on Facebook said nice things about them. 😉 lol

      So if, for example, they want Mayor Pete to succeed Biden, he could hit the ground with an enormous advantage, as he’d have Team Biden, the DNC, the donor class, CNN & MSNBC, and even Obama on his side, and to hell with any chair throwing Progressives who tried to interfere with that.

      Warren will be allowed to run again so that she can maybe finally get her cabinet posting. Klobuchar too would be OK as she’d lend a sense that the party was grounded, and not scary, to skeptical moderates.

      Corey Booker’s day might finally be approaching, as he could be the next VEEP, and nobody can tell him not to run against Buttigieg. Not publicly, and not privately where word of that would get out. After having Clinton and Harris on the ticket, the party might be able to have just two guys in 2024, one being Black and somewhat progressive, the other being gay and the establishment choice.

      Just thinking out loud here.

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      Whoever the Democratic establishment chooses for 2024 must get the okay from Wall Street, and of course, the corporate media.

      “Biden, Harris and Buttigieg rack up donations from big bank executives on Wall Street”

      It was a win-win-win for Wall Street in 2020 as all three made it to the White House.

      July 25, 2019

      Executives at Wall Street’s biggest banks have begun throwing financial support to their early favorites in the 2020 Democratic presidential field: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.

      All three combined to receive contributions during the second quarter from at least 15 bank executives from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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      Might as well run this shit stain again since they will lose no matter who their candidate is.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      The Red Menace
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      I look at it like this….. they can say whatever they want now, but it doesn’t necessarily apply when the next campaign actually begins.

      Why bother lying about your intentions?? Well, obviously…. it takes some ammo away from the other party. In this case, Joe tells them he’s running, so they spend the next two years building up their anti-Joe propaganda, while not paying attention to any other potential “democratic” candidates.

      Also, Joe claiming he’s still planning on running in 2024 might cause the corporate media to let go of their recent wishful thinking about some sort of “power struggle” between Scamala & Mayo Pete to be the identity politics heir apparent, should Biden not be on the ballot in 2024.

      My gut feeling is that the REAL decision will come in January 2023, and then if Biden isn’t determined to be healthy enough (mentally and/or physically) to continue, he could resign and Scamala could finish his term and still be elgible to run for two terms of her own under the 22nd amendment – which passed in 1947, but has never actually been put into practice. LBJ is the last President who could have done so, but after how badly he fucked up in Vietnam, he didn’t think he had a snowball’s chance in my back yard of winning re-election in 1968.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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