Biden campaign adviser weighs in on why former VP hasn't held news conference in nearly three months

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      Biden has maintained a relatively low profile on the campaign trail during the coronavirus pandemic, holding occasional virtual events, but has not addressed questions from national media either in person or online. When asked about this by “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Sanders began by pointing to Biden’s interactions with voters, not reporters.

      Well, weighs in might be a little strongly worded – perhaps I would replace “weighs in on” with “carefully sidesteps.”

      “Just because we’re campaigning virtually does not mean we are not meeting actual voters across the country,” Sanders said. “Vice President Biden has campaigned in Michigan and Florida. Dr. [Jill] Biden has campaigned in Colorado and Texas. So the reality is what we have been doing is following CDC guidelines.”

      (Note: I don’t care what Jill Biden, EdD, has done – she’s not a candidate for office.)

      When asked a second time why Biden has not held a news conference in 80 days, Sanders said that Biden and his campaign “take pride in prioritizing local media.”

      “And so the vice president is doing local media interviews, he’s doing national media interviews, and he is taking questions from reporters,” she said.

      I’m not going to expect a press conference or an open public appearance anytime soon. The Bidenists seem perfectly happy with a nearly invisible candidate – maybe even happier as they don’t have to explain anything he says.

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      FOX notwithstanding.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      When you have no real choices, what ARE the odds that you make things worse with the number of press conferences that Bernie Sanders had himself? It depends on what comes out of your mouth. Apparently, the strategy taken is a sign that there’s not much coming out of Biden that they’d want to see added to a negative campaign strategy from camp frUMP.

      Wow…. what a sad country we are!

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      I predict the lowest voter turnout ever. Between the virus and two piss poor choices, voters will sit this one out.

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      Captain Arizona
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      I am getting to the point where if biden gets in we will need to use the 25th amendment sooner then later. Therefore the veep nomination is very important. Since we can’t have tulsi gabbard we should push for stacy abrams. She could stand up to the corporate stooges running the DNC better then kamala harris. Assuming biden makes it to the election a bigger assumption every day this may be a viable work around the establishment corporatists.

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        Is Stacey Abrams progressive?

        Abrams typically hedges her ideological position. “I was a Hillary surrogate who has hired Obama folks and Bernie folks and Clinton folks,” she told TIME magazine in 2018. “I am absolutely a progressive,” she continued, “but I would not say that I represent any wing of the Democratic Party except for the Democratic Wing.” But her decisions to join the boards of both the Center for American Progress and Priorities USA signal her decision to join the ranks of the Democratic Party establishment.

        One of the key differences between the establishment and progressive wings of the Democratic Party is disagreement over the role big money should play in electoral politics. That Abrams is comfortable with big money playing an outsized role in electoral politics was evident in her support of Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. While failing to publicly note Bloomberg’s record of imposing anti-Muslim, anti-black unconstitutional policing tactics on New York City during his time as mayor, Abrams defended what amounted to Bloomberg’s attempt to buy the Democratic presidential nomination.

        Abrams has also made clear that she plans to run for president down the political road. When the time comes, given her approach to political positioning and campaign fundraising, there are scant reasons to believe she would opt for the kind of progressive, small-donor models embodied in the 2020 campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. While she likes to describe herself as a progressive and as a pragmatist, Stacey Abrams is now on a national path that looks far more “pragmatic” than progressive.

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        Electrolyte Orchestra
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        Joe made sure to let the air out of the Abrams balloon in humiliating fashion on live TV.

        I think the number one qualification for his VP pick IS being a corporate stooge. They are just trying to find the most palatable one.

        It sure would be nice if he picked one that would stand up to them, but he won’t.  Joe is definitely a few skidoos shy of twenty-three, but whatever marbles he still has left tell him to do as told. The party lined up behind him because he will do the corporate/war thing whenever asked. In his state, when the VP is more likely than ever to become Prez, there is no way they let him pick an apostate.

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