Biden caught outright lying about NAACP endorsement

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    Thank you @jamesgordon for catching this and commenting in . I think it’s egregious enough to deserve its own thread and hopefully national visibility.

    While the “you ain’t black” comment drew the most attention today, Biden also said during the interview “I extended the Voting Rights Act 25 years. I have a record that is second to none. The NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run. Come on, take a look at my record.” ( )

    Unfortunately for Biden, the NAACP says they have never endorsed Biden and do not endorse candidates ( ). Look at the source – it’s the NAACP!! They say:

    Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP, made the following statement about a remark by former Vice President Joe Biden during his Friday morning interview on “The Breakfast Club.”

    “Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a comment about the NAACP’s endorsement. We want to clarify that the NAACP is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office at any level. Persons affiliated with the NAACP at the national, state, and local levels are free to make candidate endorsements in a personal capacity, but they do not reflect support by the NAACP as an organization. The NAACP has one mission and that is fighting for and advancing our Black communities towards an equitable reality. Our primary focus at this moment is to ensure that our communities that have been victims of domestic terrorism and disproportionately impacted by this pandemic have the opportunity to cast their powerful vote come November.”

    Thank you @jamesgordon. The US deserves better – and this needs to be publicized!!

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    Joe Biden: “I marched with the Civil Rights movement.”

    Joe Biden: “I was arrested in South Africa.”

    Joe Biden: “The NAACP endorsed me every time I ran.”.

    Do you see a pattern here?

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    Though I’m a novice twitter user (hadn’t seen the point until recently) I sent a tweet directed to The Hill’s Rising hosts Krystal & Saagar even though it’s Friday night on a three day weekend.

    And many have picked it up on Twitter – see .

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