Biden Says He Wants to Fulfill His Campaign Promise to Cancel Student Debt

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      Debt cancellation would be a major win for advocates and lawmakers who have been pushing Biden to follow up on his pledge since he took office. Experts say that Biden does have the legal authority to cancel student debt via executive order, but his administration has delayed action on the matter and even went so far as to hide a memo prepared by the Education Department on the legality of the issue.

      Activists say that the reason that Biden may be having a change of heart is because of the pressure he’s faced from the public and members of his own party. “Let’s be very clear: Biden did not suddenly have a change of heart on student debtors and our financial burdens. He was forced to have a change in political will because of our organizing and political pressure,” wrote the Debt Collective in response to the news about the meeting. “Debtors have power — keep pushing.”

      The Debt Collective emphasized that $10,000 isn’t enough to help many borrowers and that any cancellation should come without caveats — no means testing, no forms to fill out and no income cap.

      Lawmakers celebrated the news and urged Biden to take bold action on the issue. Biden “has the power to transform the lives of millions of Americans by canceling student debt,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). “The payment pause has been a lifeline — and it’s time to deliver permanent relief. Cancel student debt, Mr. President.”

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      Manchin vetoes it.   This is only being considered because of low low low ratings, IMO.

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