Biden warned Ukraine’s president Kiev could be ‘sacked’ by imminent Russian invasion

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      So – about that Biden-Zelenskyy phone call from :

      President Joe Biden gave a frank and dire assessment of the threat Russia poses to Ukraine during a call on Thursday with Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, according to an official in the Ukrainian government.

      An unnamed official with Mr Zelensky’s government told CNN that a planned call on Thursday between the two leaders involved Mr Biden warning that Ukraine’s capital of Kiev could be targeted by Russian forces and “sacked” in an invasion that he reportedly portrayed as imminent and a near-certain possibility.

      Mr Biden’s warning is the first official statement from a US official confirming that Ukraine’s capital city could be at risk from Russian invasion. Ukraine’s government has insisted that it does not see the prospect of invasion as being likely as the US sees it, and urged the Biden administration to continue diplomatic talks.

      It was reported earlier on Thursday that Ukraine’s president would ask Mr Biden during the call to tone down his rhetoric regarding the likelihood of an attack, which Ukraine’s government apparently believes will not happen in the immediate future as talks continue.

      Damage control is underway again for Biden; the White House has denied it.

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      In the Imperial Cruise, historian James Bradley, elaborates on the need for western powers to denigrate the objects of their imperial conquest as “barbarians” needing to be civilized by the superior culture of the west. The demonization process today justifies western belligerence to preserve “shared values.” So the resort to a word like “sacked” imparts the barbaric characterization to Russia and not so subtly reaffirms US and western moral superiority in pursuit of its own expansion.

      惑世誣民 혹세무민

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      Well, the Western – or perhaps better expressed as Eurocentric arrogance –

      is also exemplified by using Arabs to fight Arabs, Slavs against Slavs, and

      Chinese against Chinese, etc. My hope is that sooner or later all the effected

      countries will refuse this gambit in spite of the bribes offered.

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