Biden washes his hands of responsibility for mass evictions

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      (WSWS) After allowing the federal moratorium on evictions to expire over the weekend, exposing millions of hard-pressed renters to the danger of forcible removal from their homes, loss of their belongings and homelessness, the Biden White House issued a statement Monday afternoon effectively disavowing any responsibility for the vast social misery its actions are helping to cause.

      But while promising that “President Biden is taking further action to prevent Americans from experiencing the heartbreak of eviction,” the actions amount to a laundry list of appeals for other people to do something about the crisis. The statement reads like a satire on indifference thinly disguised by political doubletalk.

      Biden directs his own White House to discuss with other federal agencies “whether there are any other authorities to take additional actions to stop evictions,” given that the right-wing majority on the US Supreme Court struck down the anti-eviction order which was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last September, on public health grounds, and extended several times for three-month periods.

      He calls on state and local courts to pause eviction proceedings until tenants and landlords can access Emergency Rental Assistance, the federal program established to provide assistance to workers thrown out of their jobs because of the pandemic and unable to pay their rent. Some $47 billion has been appropriated for this program, but only $3 billion has been paid out, largely because of foot-dragging by state and local governments and landlords.

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      I mean, we all know she doesn’t give a diddly squat about the homeless and those close to homelessness as long as her nest is comfortably feathered, but if she were asked, she would say something really stupid, a word salad peppered with woke speak, infused with pro-oligarch flavor and subtext.

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      Oh but oh but he is better the trump


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      That man is a magician. I heard that he trained

      giant squids, and weaponizes humor. So why

      not control over the US purse! Perhaps he wields

      large influence over Pelosi, because she cannot stop

      talking about him.

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