Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use

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      Dozens of young White House staffers have been suspended, asked to resign or placed in a remote work program due to past marijuana use, frustrating staffers who were pleased by initial indications from the Biden administration that recreational use of cannabis would not be immediately disqualifying for would-be personnel, according to three people familiar with the situation.

      The policy has even affected staffers whose marijuana use was exclusive to one of the 14 states—and the District of Columbia—where cannabis is legal. Sources familiar with the matter also said a number of young staffers were either put on probation or canned because they revealed they had used marijuana in the past in an official document they filled out for the position in the Biden White House during a lengthy background check.

      In some cases, staffers were informally told by transition higher-ups ahead of formally joining the administration that they would likely overlook some past marijuana use, only to be asked later to resign.

      “There were one-on-one calls with individual affected staffers—rather, ex-staffers,” one former White House staffer affected by the policy told The Daily Beast. “I was asked to resign.”

      Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

      Like many public systems, GOP want to rip the battery out + say the whole car doesn’t work, so they can sell it for parts - AOC

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      She’s already admitted to getting so baked in her college days that she could hear Tupac albums several years before they were even recorded.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      What’s holding back too many people of color — in finding a good job or starting a business — is a criminal record that follows them every step of the way.

      Getting caught for smoking marijuana shouldn’t deny you a good-paying job and career, a loan, or ability to rent an apartment.

      But right now, that criminal record is the weight that holds back too many people of color.

      It’s from – but maybe it was only a BLM promise.

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      Drinking alcohol, far more damaging to the body, much more likely to affect your productivity the next day is fine.

      Biden is no better than Nixon here. Can’t wait till the current generation is running thing.

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie.

      Most of today’s elites have the moral and social reasoning capacities of spoiled toddlers.

      “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage...but the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-right. The sensitivity of the poor to injustice is a trivial thing c

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      I used to hang around the margins of politics, met staffers, aides, donors, etc. Sex and drugs and rock n roll. Both parties. I know Biden has been to events where he rubbed shoulders with drug dealers and prostitutes. He looked the other way hundreds of times. Now he’s all self righteous.

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      Babel 17
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      Or listening to rap music from the future.

      On the other hand, this policy makes sense. Staffers sneaky enough to have never gotten caught are keepers.

      And so too are staffers who had the family connections to bail them out of trouble when they got caught. Can’t lose them!

      But you can’t have chaos, so some staffers have to be made an example of.

      It’s like the draft, or using the kids of the 99% to fight the Forever War. Usually pointless or avoidable deaths, but the world needs reminding that the USA means business. Just can’t be spilling the blood of our elites for that purpose.

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      for the alcohol, tobacco, crack, heroin, fentanyl and recovery industries struggling to get by in the face of Anslinger’s scourge.

      Let justice be done.


      Plus—   how much sympathy must I gather for these aspiring sycophants somewhat hoisting their ambitious mediocre selves?  Pockets are empty, there. Show me the look of surprise.

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      As Gomer always said.

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      David the Gnome
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      This is about the money.  The war on drugs is huge money – and not just for drug dealers.  Do you know how much money gets seized every year that is supposedly (or even truly) the result of illegal marijuana sale?  How much product?  Billions of dollars – and millions of cannabis plants.  Yet they have their uses, as we know.  Somehow, I really doubt all of it ends up in evidence or destroyed.

      I don’t know if Biden smokes or not – I think he’s too much of a prick to get stoned regularly.  The gist of it though, is that the usual suspects, “moderates” and so on and so forth, will continue this long standing policy for a few reasons.  They don’t want to piss off the DEA and various intelligence and enforcement agencies.  They don’t want there to be any genuine competition for big pharma – not that they don’t control themselves.  So while their official stance is no doubt “its federally illegal”, the truth is that there are lots of other reasons they do not want to appear friendly to marijuana users, recreational or otherwise.

      That – and some people are just completely ignorant of marijuana and still see it as the “gateway drug”.  One day you’re smoking pot, next thing you know?  You’re smoking crack!  Shooting heroin!  Meth!  EX!  LOL

      Really though, the reason this status quo continues is money.

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        A friend of mine got busted about 2000 for 20+ lbs. Every time he and his lawyer showed up for a hearing the amount got less and less.

        He finally pleaded guilty to Class A Misdemeanor Possession of 2-4 oz. and got 1 year probation and a $500 fine.

        I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      It’s better to lie. It was an application form, not an arrest record or a drug test.

      So honesty doesn’t pay in politics – those who successfully lied kept their jobs.

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      B Calm
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      Wasn’t Biden’s son a crack head? What a hypocrite.


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      My husband is the straightest of straight arrows. Now age 70. Never smoked anything. Had to fill out a questionnaire for a clearance years ago and truthfully answered “no”to the drug questions. The examiner didn’t believe him. How could he have been a teenager in the 60’s and not smoked pot? If you say “no” you’re lying, and if you say “yes” you’re screwed.

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