Biden’s approval rating drops to new low of 33% on concerns about his handling of COVID, economy: poll

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      From :

      WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped to 33% in a new Quinnipiac University poll, the lowest mark of any major public survey during his presidency, as he takes a beating over his handling of the economy and coronavirus.

      The poll, conducted Jan. 7 though Jan. 10 and released Wednesday, found 33% of all 1,313 adults surveyed approve of Biden’s job performance, while 53% disapprove. Ten percent did not offer an opinion.

      The poll has a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points. When isolating just registered voters, Biden’s approval rating improves slightly to 35%.

      Biden’s dismal numbers come as inflation has soared to a 39-year high and COVID-19 cases, which were on the decline last summer, have spiked to an all-time high amid the rise of the highly contagious omicron variant. Biden, who is nearing his first full year in office, campaigned on getting the pandemic under control and reviving the economy.

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      are these imaginary people?


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      Is going to start a war with Russia just to keep his job. To hell with the rest of the Democratic Party. Biden was in the Senate when the jerk Bush II pulled this stunt. It all the rage in the conservative handbook.

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      Babel 17
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      There are “Joy Behar Democrats”, and “Sean Hannity Republicans”.

      Behar opined that she could never see Bill Clinton as a sexual predator, and that for the good of the country women should drop to their knees to fellate him, and be grateful for the opportunity to do so. Sean Hannity thinks that Trump almost never says anything disturbing, it’s just that people mishear him.

      So when I look at these polls I remember that “Joy Behar Democrats”, and “Sean Hannity Republicans”, are among those replying.

      Imo the best way to gauge a poll is to check out what the Independent voters are thinking. It was their getting of tired of Trump that decided 2020, and their thinking could keep both Biden and Trump on the sidelines in 2024.

      So anyway, I’m thinking the numbers are still “soft”, but if they firmed up then Biden would be close to his floor.

      P.S. What’s really bad for Biden is that consistently polling like this, and being so old, frees up moderately partisan Democrats to say what they’re thinking, and imo a lot of them think his “I’m mad as hell” act is poorly masking his not being up to the job. And once those Democrats talk among themself there’s no going back, and Biden being in a mental decline is legitimately a thing.

      Not yet a thing among TV personalities, or columnists, but I’m sure they know what their viewers are thinking.

      P.P.S. Food for thought is that Hillary Clinton is thinking about riding to the rescue of a floundering Democratic party that was devastated in the mid-terms. So if you’re a Democrat running in November, your failure would empower Hillary. 😉 (be afraid)

      And if you’re Kama Harris, you might want to worry about having not just poorly coordinated Republican groups doing oppo research on your tenure as a prosecutor, and your fabrications about your past, but also the vicious and highly practiced smear merchants that the Clintons are know to employ.

      They’ll make sure that lots of black faces get in front of the cameras and call out “Kamala the Cop” for her past actions, should Harris be an impediment to the ambitions of Hillary.

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        game meat
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        That’s true. It was the same with Trump. No matter what was happening, he always had a solid 30% behind him.

        A president’s ceiling for approval seems to be around 65% because he’ll never get the opposing team’s diehard 30%. He could bring about world peace and cure cancer, it wouldn’t matter.

        The floor is around 30%. No matter what they do, they’ll keep that 30%. Biden could be caught on camera kicking an old lady down a flight of stairs and then laughing about it, and he would still get 30% approval. And Joy Behar would be all, “Well actually, he was really just trying to…but, but remember when Trump said…”

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        If so, I got bridges for the low low" ~ MF DOOM

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      I see a trend here…

      Registered Voters (2021 – 2022)

      Quinnipiac: February 1 — 49% Approve
      Quinnipiac: February 14 — 50% Approve
      Quinnipiac: April 12 — 48% Approve
      Quinnipiac: May 24 — 49% Approve
      Quinnipiac: August 2 — 47% Approve
      Quinnipiac: September 13 — 44% Approve
      Quinnipiac: October 4 — 40% Approve
      Quinnipiac: October 18 — 40% Approve
      Quinnipiac: Novemeber 15 — 38% Approve
      Quinnipiac: January 10 — 35% Approve

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      And they have no one but themselves to blame. Not that they won’t blame everybody and everything else besides themselves, of course, especially voters.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      My growl alone would have sent Joe’s numbers tumbling even further.

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      Sounds like there is general agreement in the country that people have finally recognized that Good Ol’ Joe is about as bad a President as one can get. Maybe only those who support him have a tarnished idealistic hope, or maybe only their hatred for Trump sustains them.

      For me, I simply started with no expectations, but over the last year have reached the conclusion that Joey is genuinely evil. What I don’t know is if that is because of his actions, or whether he is a bumbling fulcrum for others’ actions.

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