Bidens Donors FREAKING Out

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    It took tRump and the Rethugs one shot, and it looks like Biden’s campaign is DOA. At least for those that aren’t blinded by DNC/Dem party loyalty. Doesn’t matter whether one lick of it is true or not, or if tRump and his family are worse, the damage is done. All people will hear is Hunter and 50k a month. Spin it how you want, for those of us who would love to have a job with healthcare at 50k A YEAR, it reeks. We may want to thank tRump for doing this so early and maybe stopping the fix though Dem leadership will probably just go on ahead. Diane Feinstein just today endorsed Biden.

    Most electable my ass. We have two corrupt parties, at the very least at the leadership level for the Dems, serving oligarchy. Both throwing mud at each other and screaming how filthy the other is. For Dems, the solution is simple. Go with Bernie, tell me what his gifting scandal is? He’d shine like a beacon of light in the darkness next to tRump.

    In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie

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    Biden’s donors are freaking out because he isn’t going to win.

    This was evident before he joined the race.

    What is opposite to ‘attractive’?  I’d say it’s ‘Biden donor’.

    This is a very underappreciated fact, to many persons.

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    Biden’s 4th quarter fundraising will be anemic.

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    And, IMO, the DNC is most likely just trying to come up with something against Bernie.  Because that is how they roll.  They would rather take all of the other choices off their menu and serve the shit sandwich that makes them the most profit.  That is their bottom line.  Also, now that I think about it, their only line.

    Anyone who asks, or thinks they can order me, to vote for a Democrat who is not Bernie can fuck off.

    Nope. If Bernie is not on the ballot, Green it is.

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    Since Congress won’t do any meaningful campaign reform to get big money out of politics, voters are taking matters into their own hands.


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    American donors or Ukrainian donors?

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    Vichy Dem (VD) + Group of Parasites (GOP) = Plutocratic Uniparty (PU) PU slogan for the 99%: "Consume and Be Happy!" "The more I see of the moneyed people, the more I understand the guillotine" - George Bernard Shaw

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    I have come to believe that we will need one or two million people in the streets of Milwaukee next summer to keep the DNC from rigging against Bernie.  Make plans now.

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