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      Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges.
      That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges.

      - George Carlin

      Sooner or later we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.

      - Robert Louis Stevenson

      Politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex.

      - Frank Zappa

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      The problem I found with Hillary and what I am seeing with Biden, is that the Democratic Establishment and their adherents are becoming so Authoritarian, that they will fully attack and try to destroy any one who does not follow party-line and fall in line.

      They disgust me, and in many ways are acting EXACTLY how they see Trump and his fans are supposedly acting.  They are calling Trump and his supporters Fascist, which by definition is “Authoritarian”.  I am sorry, but I am NOT willing to go from one Authoritarian practice to another.

      What worries me further with Democrats however, is that the Media will pacify the masses if Biden were to win.  They will be Authoritarian without a counter-checking force.  As bad as Trump is, the media is fully against him.  The outcry is positive but insane.  It is insane since they are concentrating on the wrong things that don’t affect much.  They are concentrating on everything other than what helps Workers with jobs, infrastructure, Health care and education.

      This is why they are so keen to keep Politics centered on identity on the forefront.  It allows them to whitewash their own wrongdoings.  I dislike it immensely.

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        @ Xyzse,The Biden voters and Trump supporters look at each other and call each other the same exact names.Each one says of the other that they are ignorant,Propagandized by their favorite news network,badly informed,silly,and supporting a cognitively challenged asshole.

        And meanwhile Wall Street and the war machine laughs and laughs and laughs,because they win no matter what.

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          @mizzgrizz I agree.  People don’t realize that Obama governed very similarly to George W. Bush.  His warmongering tactics, deportation or immigrants(to the point of his administration being the one to create that infrastructure of putting kids in to cages), as well as reigning over one of the largest transference of wealth from the lower-middle-class to the 1% through that bank and mortgage crisis.

          In fact, it is under HIS administration, that created legislation that now allows them to bailout banks without congressional approval.

          It is effing insane.  The reason they were able to give Wall Street a trillion a day on the month of March is because of these things.

          They are both part of the Authoritarian Oligarchy.  It’s why I will write-in or vote Green.  I don’t see much of a difference, and in some ways I see Biden as the greater evil.

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      Electing Biden could greatly hasten the demise of the Democratic Party, and that’s something I can get behind.

      His body recovered from his torment and became hale,
      but the shadow of his pain was in his heart;
      and he lived to wield his sword with left hand
      more deadly than his right had been.

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      In the end, it will be a return to politics-as-usual.

      Biden will do what politicians always do.  Chase the voters by appealing to whatever they think will persuade them to vote for them.

      To be successful they will swing to the left or right to get elected.

      In most elections, voters are more apt to vote against the candidate they most dislike not the one they most like.  Most heartily dislike Trump more than they dislike Biden.   This election has made Trump the issue.   Fortunately he’s managed to piss off a lot more people than Biden.   Hell, even Hillary who was not actually liked by most voters managed to win the popular vote.   Most of the progressives and liberals will hold their noses this time just as we have often done in the past.

      I expect the Republicans to splinter far more than the Democrats when they loudly blame each other for the loss.   The Republican pols who lose this year will blame Trump and the True Believers will blame the “Establishment” Republicans of treason and call for a “Third Party”.

      The Democratic factions will just continue to quarrel Left vs Right, Centrists vs both because they will have power and realize that to keep it they’ll have to compromise.


      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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      He will enable it to drag on and on and on until it kills us all. Our only hope is to defeat Biden so that the quisling democrats dissolve as quickly as possible – before it’s too late.

      And about language: I used to think that way, because it’s sort of true, language does affect behavior, but it is a lagging indicator. Language reveals behavior much more than it affects behavior. We will stop using words in a bad context when we stop thinking in that context, until then it’s nothing but phony virtue signaling so that we can pretend and keep on.

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