Big oil pushes corporate-friendly carbon tax in attempt to stem Green New Deal wave

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      This is a very lengthy article about a new oil industry lobbying initiative, and I’m willing to make a bet that Joe Biden or Pete Buttgig or some other neoliberal slimeball will argue for something like this during the primary. This story names names and the dollar amounts of contributions to this new political scam. From Nation of Change:

      With intensifying demands for bold climate action, the fossil fuel industry and its top allies are lining up behind a corporate-funded, market-centered carbon tax proposal, in an effort to stem the rising momentum around ideas like the Green New Deal and growing shareholder and investor concerns about the climate crisis.

      Oil and gas powerhouses BP and Shell recently announced that they were each contributing $1 million over the next two years to lobbying efforts for the Baker-Schultz Plan, which proposes an initial tax of $40-per-ton on carbon emissions.

      The plan, named after ex-Reagan officials James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz, is being promoted by the Climate Leadership Council and its lobbying arm, Americans for Carbon Dividends. The Climate Leadership Council is made up of a host of founding members whose primary business is in the fossil fuel industry, such as BP, Exxon, and ConocoPhillips.

      According to the website of Americans for Carbon Dividends, the Baker-Shultz Plan is “based on the conservative principles of free markets.”

      Full story here.

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