Big Pharma Spend More on Executive Pay and Dividends Than Research

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      Don’t know why Maloney is “shocked” though.

      “What we have found is shocking,” said Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.). “Drug companies are actively and intentionally targeting the United States for price increases, often while cutting prices in the rest of the world.”

      According to the data crunched by the committee, the 14 largest drug manufacturers paid themselves and investors $578 billion from 2016 to 2020 through dividends and stock buybacks, while investing $56 billion less — $522 billion — on research and development.

      On top of that, the report says, some of that R&D money is spent researching ways to suppress competition, such as by filing hundreds of new, minor patents on older drugs that make it harder to produce generics.

      “Despite Big Pharma’s lip service about innovation, many drug companies are not actually spending significant portions of their research-and-development budget to discover innovative new treatments,” Maloney told reporters in a conference call. “Instead, these companies are spending their research-and-development dollars on finding ways to game the system.”

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      Shocking? Where have you been, lady?

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      Carolyn Maloney doing her best Captain Renault impression.

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