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      Three House Dems working to kill drug price legislation raked in roughly $1.6 million from pharma donors — and the top aide for one of them is now a pharma lobbyist.


      The three conservative Democratic lawmakers threatening to kill their party’s drug pricing legislation have raked in roughly $1.6 million of campaign cash from donors in the pharmaceutical and health products industries. One of the lawmakers is the House’s single largest recipient of pharmaceutical industry campaign cash this election cycle, and another lawmaker’s immediate past chief of staff is now lobbying for drugmakers.

      The threat from Democratic Reps. Kurt Schrader (Ore.), Scott Peters (Calif.), and Kathleen Rice (N.Y.) comes just as the pharmaceutical industry’s top lobbying group announced a seven-figure ad campaign to vilify the Democratic legislation that aims to lower the cost of medicines for Americans now facing the world’s highest prescription drug prices.

      At issue is House Democrats’ initiative to let Medicare use its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. That power — which is used by other industrialized countries to protect their citizens from exorbitant prices — has been promised by Democrats for years, and party leaders have been planning to include it as part of their sprawling $3.5 trillion infrastructure reconciliation effort.

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      Craigslist and eBay and, perhaps, cheap, not to be taken seriously, slogans painted across their ass at $30,000 a ticket galas whilst a minion carefully holds their very expensive train up out of the dirt,  to make their connections.  There is no fucking incrementalism capable of countering  this, not in any of our lifetimes, methinks.  People pushing that are just shills and POSUCS.  And I am positive that Congress would not know whether to be offended, or just collapse in laughing hysterics, at the thought they they are supposed to work for us, the people.

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