Black Agenda Report: 2016 Revisited: Electronic Balloting Favored Clinton, Paper Balloting Sanders

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    “According to various reports, Sanders supporters yelled, threw chairs and booed Clinton surrogate Barbara Boxer, incensed by a process they saw as rigged in Clinton’s favor. Clinton backers responded by calling for the disruptive Sanders delegates’ arrests.

    “Sanders went on to denounce the way the Nevada state convention was conducted, saying [Party Chair Roberta] Lange should at the very least have held a head-count rather than a yay/nay voice vote, and accusing her of refusing to acknowledge motions from the floor or accept any petitions for amendments, in violation of the rules. Sanders also protested the disqualification, ‘en mass,’ of 58 of his delegates.

    “’These are on top of failures at the precinct and county conventions,’ Sanders said, ‘including trying to depose and then threaten with arrest the Clark County convention credentials chair because she was operating too fairly.’”

    With regard to the violence, Sanders said he doesn’t condone any violence, but that someone had fired a shot through the window at his Nevada campaign headquarters while he was inside, and that the hotel his staff were staying in had been robbed and ransacked.

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    I’m glad election fraud is being discussed but I don’t know why they included that false chair throwing story.


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    The whole Democratic Primary thing is pretty much a sham.  IMO and all that.  Especially when looking at it from the outside, having left the “party”.

    It is like watching people play a shell game – when they have actually seen the dealer eat the pea or whatever (shout-out to corporate Dems’ “eat your peas” plans for the populace) and STILL throw their money down and pick a shell, and be astonished when there is nothing there.   And then the DNC tells them oh, more people picked this other shell, really, so STFU and vote the way we tell you to vote.   Or like watching a sequel to The Purge.  You know folks are gonna die, just watching when and how.

    I’d like to see the  DNC plan to get rid of Bernie, yet keep his support and supporters.  The “Warren is just like Bernie” flag seems to be in tatters.  Maybe the DNC will just be in-your-face about it this time, eh?


    Anyone who asks, or thinks they can order me, to vote for a Democrat who is not Bernie can fuck off.

    Nope. If Bernie is not on the ballot, Green it is.

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    Hi eridani,

    Yep – The DNC fraud lawsuit proved that the primary process is Kabuki Theater.   The DNC’s own lawyers admitted as much in open court that nominees could be chosen any which way the DNC decides to include smoke-filled back rooms.  That leads to only one conclusion, the primary process is merely a circus road show designed to maintain the illusion of a fair process for true believers.  All the while, the 1% are making real decisions behind the scenes.  Once those insights are internalized, one no longer places faith in the sham political system known as America.  And with that understanding comes a degree of liberation and clear-sightedness about the world we actually live in.


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