Black Agenda Report: My Trip to China Exposed the Shameful Lies Peddled by the American Empire

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    There is a broad consensus between the American ruling class and the so-called American Left about China. The consensus position is that China is a tyrannical, oppressive, and politically backward dictatorship. Fear of a globalized Yellow Peril often emerges whenever China becomes a topic of political conversation in America. My two weeks spent in the People’s Republic of China with the China-U.S. Solidarity Network ’s Silk Road delegation, led by Lee Siu Hin and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, did not merely seek to challenge the many lies that the American Empire tells about the rising power in the East. The trip exposed the lies of the American Empire with a heavy dose of truth about actual conditions that exist for the people of China.

    The importance of the trip cannot be understated given the U.S.’ ever increasing imperial aggression toward China. A hallmark of Trump’s first term has been the so-called trade war which tried, but failed , to meaningfully impact China’s economy by starving it of investment with the United States. The trade war came after the Obama administration’s “Pivot to Asia,” vastly increased the U.S.’ military presence in the Asia Pacific. U.S. military hostility toward China has not let up under Trump. In fact, China has been labeled by the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy document as the greatest threat to the U.S.’ imperial interests alongside Russia. U.S. imperial aggression toward Iran, Syria, or anywhere else in the Global South cannot be divorced from the Empire’s larger strategic goal of overthrowing the People’s Republic of China.

    Two important meetings occurred during this writer’s participation in the delegation that further debunked the uselessness of the American Empire’s anti-China narrative. Delegate participants first met with the Beijing Friendship Association, which was represented by Executive Vice President Zhang Qian. This writer asked Zhang Qian what people in the U.S. can learn from China. She remarked succinctly that China wants everyone in the world to benefit from its “win-win” model of economic development and cooperation. She further stated that ordinary people in the U.S. will need to unite to shift the U.S. government’s focus from unilateral and unipolar approaches to politics and economics to a multipolar and multilateral approach to policy. In diplomatic terms, this indicated that China is very aware that the United States is holding back global progress toward peace and prosperity by way of its imperial model of governance.

    The second meeting was put together by socialist intellectual, activist, and author Carlos Martinez. Martinez, this writer, and two other delegates met with Shuoying Chen, Professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CAAS) in the Academy of Marxism Department. Shuoying discussed the important role that socialism has played in successfully defending China from the tyranny of finance capital. While China has indeed opened itself to the market, the central government maintains full control over the levers of monetary policy. This has allowed China to “balance” economic policy in the interests of the masses. Shuoying explained that the central government invested seven trillion yuan on economic development in the cities beginning in the 1990s to reduce extreme poverty and plans to spend seven trillion more on the development of rural areas in central and western China in the 21st century to eradicate it all together. Such policy priorities would be impossible to accomplish under the dictatorship of finance capital and imperialism.

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    Hi eridani,

    Yep – and all that economic activity has come at a cost – increased CO2 emissions directly coupled to construction activity.  Have seen reports that every three years since since 2003, China has poured new concrete the equivalent of 100 years of American construction.  In other words, since 2003, China has poured the concrete equivalent of 500 years of American construction.  Concrete is known as the least Climate friendly construction material, since the chemical process directly generates CO2.  That level and intensity of construction is deleterious at best and counter to the Paris Climate Accords.

    Have also seen reports that Xi Jinping intends to lift the living standards of all Chinese to that enjoyed by Americans.  Since the American way of life generates one of the highest levels of CO2 emissions per capita, imagine a country with four times the population emitting similar levels of CO2.  This will have a devastating effect on growing Atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

    It all sounds good at a surface level.  However, when one digs a little deeper the story starts to fall apart.  And especially so from a Climate Change perspective.


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    I don’t much care for Danny Haiphong. He’s pretty much a doctrinaire Marxist, maybe Stalinist but I’m not sure, person who shamelessly believes that any country or organization disliked by the American Empire must be all sweetness and light. He does it again here.

    The most egregious example of that here is his dismissal of the Han Chinese persecution of the Muslim Uighurs, who are a Turkic people in northwestern China, as Western imperialist propaganda. He says he never saw any concentration camps. Of course he didn’t! He wasn’t touring China freely; everywhere he went was cleared by the Chinese government in advance and I guarantee you he had a “guide” along to insure he didn’t stray from the prescribed path.

    The conflict between the Han Chinese and their Turkic and other nomadic neighbors goes back for millennia. He doesn’t even mention that. He’s probably not even aware of it. Humbug.

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      It is presumptuous to think that one could visit a complex civilization like China for two weeks and during that short period gain genuine insight into its inner workings. I feel the same way about UK and US coverage of Xinjiang and the “persecution” of the Uyghur minority there. The US and UK are simply following an opportunistic anti-China geopolitical strategy of divide and conquer. It has nothing to do with a genuine concern for human rights. If the US and UK view prevailed the ultimate object would be to have an end state equivalent to Iraq, Syria, or Libya in Xinjiang or better yet all regions of China. This is the end goal that the US and UK seek, China on its knees as it was in 19th and early 20th Centuries. The idea that the US would get along with China if it were only a vibrant democracy (like itself?) is wishful thinking from an alternate universe.

      Of course it is absurd to imply there aren’t detention camps in Xinjiang. This is the kind of massive institutional response I would expect from the Chinese communist party given their history dealing with social problems on this scale. That their response doesn’t conform to western ideals of human rights is not exactly surprising. One would be as likely to find such respect for human rights in the US penal system, which is an even more draconian and hypocritical testimony to American concern for human rights. Or perhaps a comparison to the hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced in US war for profit prove us to be the appropriate moral exemplar? Do US “grim reaper” attacks show more concern for human rights?

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @soryang For an interesting thought experiment along those lines, go to Alternate History Hub on YouTube and find a video called “What if the Communists lost the Chinese Civil War?” or some similar title. The historian who made it correct concludes, IMO, that it wouldn’t have made much difference in the long run because China is China and always has been.

        They’d still be America’s #1 competitor right now, even if Chiang Kaishek had won. They’d still be making sure the Han Chinese dominate life in all the provinces. They’d still be doing all they can to prevent rebellions on the periphery of the Chinese empire, be they Uighurs or Tibetans.

        And they’d still be outperforming American capitalism at this stage of the game.

        We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

        With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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