Blaming the unvaxxed.

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      This op-ed author blames the unvaccinated, but he lists the usual problems with our health care non-system. The conclusion I make is that two successive presidents have dropped the ball by counting on being able to vax our way out of trouble. I can see why they thought that way initially, but it’s obvious other treatment options are required.

      My triple-vaxxed, 85-year-old mother caught COVID. Medical triage made her doctor useless. (


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      His parents were triaged out of care.  Not because of hospital beds, IMO, but because the necessary treatments were initially ignored in favor of waiting for the lucrative apocalyptic treatments.   In this country Covid was/is regarded as a political and profitable event.  All the problems, IMO, started with that, and continue with that.

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      And be warned: In this time of medical triage, people cannot rely on their doctors and hospitals to provide safe health care. If you do not have a medical advocate, you’re screwed.

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      everything is in short supply.  The delays in obtaining effective treatment occurred because there isn’t enough of the treatment meds for everyone who might need them, so docs or others are having to “triage” – inserting additional delay into the process of meds delivery while someone (docs? admins? insurers?) decides who gets them.  Health care personnel are also in short supply due to burn-out, etc., so their availability to provide either actual care or to make triage decisions or perform other administrative tasks is also limited.

      To the extent that many more of those landing in hospitals are unvaxxed, it seems that the unvaxxed are playing a major role (though not the only one) in our inadequate supply of health care.

      On another note, it seemed obvious to me early on that we needed our gov. to commandeer domestic sources to crank out vast quantities of tests and good masks, and that we should also invest in more contact-tracing and research.  Based on everything we knew about the virus at various stages, it seemed clear enough to me that these measures could not only help reduce transmission, but some of them could also help yield invaluable information about the virus.  (I bought a box of N95’s in the January before the pandemic hit the US, and I know nothing much about medicine {I ended up donating the unopened box to a hospital when it became clear they needed them}.  I find it kind of stunning that not only the gov. but medical professionals and administrators failed to anticipate the looming need.  And was it really so impossible to devise some kind of records-keeping and/or research to measure mask effectiveness, and make clearer sooner what kinds of masking and distancing were or were not likely to be helpful and how effective they might be?)

      It was obvious that the pronouncements from government were designed to manipulate us rather than inform us, resulting in inconsistent messaging and a loss of credibility: masks are useless; masking is essential; you don’t need a mask if you’re vaxxed; yes you do; we must lock down but it’s just for two weeks; no it’s just two more weeks; no it’s (ad infinatum); no, now even though more people are dying than ever, we don’t need to lock down; hundreds of thousands are dying from Covid; no it’s hundreds of thousands dying WITH Covid and we’re not really sure how many would have lived had they not had it; vaxxing stops transmission; no it doesn’t; etc.  Granted, some flip-flopping was fairly attributable to the fact that scientists were dealing with a new disease and it takes time to climb the learning curve; but that doesn’t adequately explain most of the inconsistencies just mentioned.

      Unfortunately I have to agree with TPTB that nuance may be lost on most of the American public, which I hope can be blamed at least partly on the decline of public education; but we’ve proved ourselves not so stupid and short-sighted as not to notice the whiplash.

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        in just-in-time manufacturing.

        It means that if ANYTHING goes wrong in a long process, the final product is late. Lately, very, very late.

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      Because capitalism and corruption. Neither political party should be given any slack for this absolute failure to govern for the benefit of the people of this country. Blaming the unvaxxed is just a distraction so people don’t think about that.

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