Blue States Can Pave the Way for Single-Payer

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      o single issue powered Democrats to midterm victories more than healthcare. Republicans were roundly condemned for threatening a return to the pre-Obamacare denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Expansion of Medicaid passed in three deep-red states (Idaho, Nebraska and Utah). Dozens of Democrats endorsed plans like Medicare for All, and won.

      With a Republican president and Senate, the forecast for meaningful healthcare changes at the federal level before 2021 remains bleak, but 14 states now have a Democratic “trifecta”: control of both chambers of the legislature and the governorship. Those states can build the model for a universal, humane healthcare system, right?

      Hang on. State-based single-payer would require a waiver to utilize federal Medicare and Medicaid dollars and Obamacare subsidies. And Donald Trump isn’t the likeliest president to grant such a waiver.

      But that should not dampen hopes for state-level improvements in healthcare. In fact, by cutting costs and increasing access, blue states can pave the way for a smoother rollout of single-payer nationwide after 2020, should we be so lucky.

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      Congress doing anything at all about single payer.  Because they are not going to cut military spending.  When the DNC pick for the 2020 candidate is made clear, we can also, IMO, wave good-bye to a president signing anything like medicare for All.  If that candidate is one from their corporate stable.  or cesspit.

      The pay-as-you-go rule, also known as PAYGO, is designed to encourage Congress to offset the cost of any legislation that increases spending on entitlement programs or reduces revenues so it doesn’t expand the deficit. Under PAYGO, Congress must pay for such legislation by reducing other entitlement spending or increasing other revenues.



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      Nice of the not-really-too-progressives to self identify though. Primaries in two short years.

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