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    Bluffs bondsman's felony charge sends message about bounty hunting in Nebraska

    By Todd Cooper / World-Herald staff writer Feb 19, 2017 Updated 5 hrs ago

    Chances are you’ve heard of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” the reality series that follows a mulleted, muscled bail bondsman as he hunts indebted lawbreakers.
    File the local version under: “Dawg, you’re a bounty hunter?”
    In a rare move, Douglas County prosecutors charged a Council Bluffs bail bondsman with felony burglary after they accused him of breaking into a northeast Omaha home in search of a bail jumper.

    Small problem: The bondsman had the wrong address. Authorities allege he kicked open the wrong door, flashed a gun and some sort of bail-bonds badge and scared the bejeebers out of an Omaha couple and their 13-year-old daughter.

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/crime/bluffs-bondsman-s-felony-charge-sends-message-about-bounty-hunting/article_0c087a9f-85b8-5dc8-937e-ee7c6dc260c6.html


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  • GZeusH (2207 posts)
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    1. About time

    Last I heard, Dog of the TV show was rotting in a Mexican jail.  I hope they had the good sense to keep him there.

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    2. That is all we need – a bunch of money grubbing vigilantees running around with

    no oversight or any rules. Glad they finally stopped him.

  • beemerphill (207 posts)
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    3. It is time for a change.

    The whole bail bond system is an out dated scheme for crooks to make money off of poor people who have no other recourse when incarcerated. The “bonds men” that go out to capture their clients are seldom properly trained, and don’t care if laws are broken as long as they “get there man”.  If we had lawmakers who really care about their constituents and were smart enough, there would be major changes in the whole system. The state would have a set time to prepare their case against the defendant, and the defendant would have a reasonable time after that case to prepare a defense. No longer would we have people in jail for years waiting for trial, and not longer would we have one delay after another. Bond would be set based upon the defendants income. If they skipped bond one time in the past, there would be NO bond for future offences. The bonds man would be cut out of the loop entirely, and they would have to find honest jobs. Like I said, time for a change.