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    Boaty McBoatface Prepares For First Antarctic Mission

    The remotely operated underwater research vessel known as Boaty McBoatface is preparing for its first research mission — an expedition into “some of the deepest and coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth.”

    Boaty McBoatface, of course, was the moniker that emerged triumphant in an online poll meant to name the newest research ship in the U.K.’s Natural Environment Research Council fleet. But the council opted to overrule the will of the people, and named the ship the Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough instead.

    As a consolation gesture, however, a smaller autonomous underwater vehicle was named Boaty McBoatface. So the name lives on — albeit in a way that makes less sense, because a submersible vehicle isn’t actually a boat. (Subby McSubface, anybody?)

    The RRS Sir David Attenborough is still under construction, but Boaty McBoatface is already on the job.


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    1. Thanks!

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    2. I'm sorry, but that will never be the real boaty Mc Boatface to me.

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    3. I know Boaty McBoatface and that sir is NOT Boaty McBoatface!

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    4. Great solution

    and there are THREE Boaty McBoatfaces, oddly. But check this out, very cool, they used it for a kid’s ed program: