Boeing seeking to reduce scope, duration of some physical tests for new aircraft – sources

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      PARIS (Reuters) – Boeing Co engineers are reducing the scope and duration of certain costly physical tests used to certify the planemaker’s new aircraft, according to industry sources and regulatory officials.

      But the strategy could be at risk if regulators and U.S. lawmakers probing two deadly Boeing plane crashes require even more rigorous safety tests before certifying new aircraft as passenger-worthy.

      As Boeing kicks off the year-long flight testing process on its new 777X, its engineers will cut hours off airborne testing by using computer models to simulate flight conditions, and then present the results to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the basis for certification, according to two people with direct knowledge of the strategy.

      Reuters could not determine when Boeing decided to move forward with the plan to cut back on physical tests or the extent to which it planned to reduce them for the 777X.


      Boeing should be sued into oblivion

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      I caught footage on YouTube years back of Boeing’s test of the original 777, landing at max landing weight (weighted with water bags or some such to simulate passenger weight, fuel, & luggage load) and using only the brakes on its landing gear wheels to stop the plane —simulating a loss of engine thrust reversers on landing. When it came to a stop, the landing gear was red hot with smoldering small flames around the disc brakes. I guess the test is the make sure the overheated undercarriage won’t catch the underbelly on fire, at least before passengers can evacuate. That’s not the kind of test you want to fudge, nor should any sorts of tests be eliminated.

      Airbus is looking better and better. I’ve only flown on their wide body A330’s and their 320-series narrow body planes, but they’ve always gotten me there and back as well as Boeing ever did. American Airlines’ order of one hundred 320Neo’s is what caused Boeing to lose their sh*t and force their creation of the 737Max fiasco, instead of just accepting competition and moving forward with the new 797.

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