Boeing unveils largest version of its embattled 737 Max plane, despite crisis

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      Boeing on Friday said it’s unveiled the largest version of its beleaguered 737 Max line, despite a worldwide grounding of the planes after two fatal crashes.


      The manufacturer showed off the new jet to employees at its Renton, Washington, factory, but the plane isn’t scheduled for its first flight until next year.

      The ceremony comes amid one of the worst crises in Boeing’s more than 100-year history. Regulators ordered airlines to stop flying the planes after two 737 Max 8s — which comprise the lion’s share of Boeing’s Max orders — crashed within a span of five months. All 346 people on board the two flights — a Lion Air 737 Max in October 2018 and the same model operated by Ethiopian Airlines in March — were killed in the crashes.

      Boeing said on Nov. 11 that it expects regulators to clear the manufacturer to start delivering the Max planes to airlines again as early as December, but officials have repeatedly said that they don’t have a firm timeline. The company has developed a software fix for the planes after a flight-control system — which was erroneously activated and repeatedly pushed the planes’ nose down in the two flights — was implicated in both crashes.


      Bigger and deadlier than ever

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      This is so stupid, I can’t think of an appropriately sarcastic remark.

      Who’s the marketing genius behind this brilliance?

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      To put this in perspective, it’s just a morale booster for employees. Even so, it’s probably a bit dense. I see why they did it to reassure the workforce that they’re optimistic, moving forward, not surrendering, etc. Most of us, however, don’t work for Boeing and it looks pretty stupid to us. If Boeing cares what we think.

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      When one of the major aircraft manufacturer cares more about profit than safety and the watchdog organization that’s supposed to keep them honest cares more about appeasing business than safety it makes me less likely to ever want to fly again.  If I can actually afford to go on vacation again, I’m pretty sure I can find something interesting to do within driving distance.

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