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  • N2Doc (6385 posts)
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    Boot-headed candidate can bring ponies to Clinton event

    A performance artist and perennial candidate in New Hampshire’s presidential primary settled a lawsuit with the state capital on Monday and will be allowed to bring two ponies to his planned protest of Hillary Clinton’s book signing.

    Vermin Supreme, who ran as a Democrat in 2016, wears a rubber boot on his head and once threw glitter at another lesser-known candidate during a debate. He asked a federal judge Friday to compel Concord to issue him a permit allowing him to bring the ponies to Clinton’s event, scheduled for Tuesday at a bookstore in the city.

    The licensing officer who denied the permit request citied police coordination with the Secret Service for Clinton’s event, the lawsuit says. Supreme had claimed that refusing to issue him a permit violated the First Amendment. But on Monday, city attorney Jim Kennedy said the two sides had reached a settlement allowing Supreme to bring his ponies to the event. He will be given a parking spot across from the bookstore.

    Supreme said Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” attacks his political platform to provide everyone in the country a pony. The book makes references to a satirical Facebook post about the main candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, and their positions on giving people ponies. The post inferred that Clinton was against it.





    Go Vermin!

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6 replies
  • PennLawyer (2764 posts)
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    1. HRC's political career ends not w/ a bang, but with a farcical whimper!

    Can he time those ponies to take a nice, smelly dump just as Hillary arrives?

    No question our gal Hill would wade through pony shit to snuffle up dollars at a book signing.

    On edit:  the image of Hillary wading through horse shit in pursuit of book tour $$$$ brought to mind smartass James Carville’s classic, sexist put-down of one of Slick Willie’s victims:

    “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.January 1996; thought to be a reference to Paula Jones and her charge that President Clinton had sexually assaulted her, but Carville insisted he meant Gennifer Flowers.” (Wikiquotes) https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/James_Carville

    So drag a hundred-dollar bill through horse shit in front of a book  store , and bob’s-your-uncle, H-e-e-e-e-e-e-re’s HILLARY!

    If the woman had a scintilla of class or self-respect, she’d cancel that bookstore appearance.  But then, if she had a trace of class or self-respect, she’d have never married Hound Dog Bill, let alone stayed married to him through his serial  adulteries.



    • tk2kewl (2184 posts)
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      3. Feed them some beefarino beforehand

    • Silver Witch (6453 posts)
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      4. Upvote. +10000

      Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost~John Quincy Adams  
  • Stockholmer (4570 posts)
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    2. Vermin and HER, running for the same position…Overlord of the Planet Earth

  • HassleCat (2849 posts)
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    5. Now if she has any real class…

    She will cross the street, chat with him for a few minutes, and offer him an inscribed copy of Her book.

  • HawkeyeX (1207 posts)
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    6. Vermin!

    Why did I open this thread and expect to see his name on it!

    He’s got my vote for 2020, if Bernie isn’t running!