Boris Johnson tells workers to accept pay cuts or UK faces 1970s–style ‘stagflation’

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      Workers will have to settle for real-terms pay cuts if Britain is to avoid 1970s-style “stagflation” and soaring interest rates, Boris Johnson has warned.

      In a major speech, the prime minister performed a startling U-turn on a promise – made just months ago – to create a high-wage economy, instead highlighting the pain to come from rising inflation.

      “We cannot fix the increase in the cost of living just by increasing wages to match the surge in prices,” Mr Johnson said, in a speech billed as the latest reset of his troubled premiership.

      He said: “If wages continually chase the increase in prices, then we risk a wage-price spiral such as this country experienced in the 1970s. Stagflation – that is inflation combined with stagnant economic growth.


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      He’s just channeling the opinion of Very Serious Economists such as one of our favorites, Larry Summers. Anything to crush labor, the usual operating principle of guys like these. I thing the beginning of the piece that follows fits better. Basically Corona virus business and supply chain problems and sanctions blowback / higher commodity prices to which I would add intentional lack of supply from the oil companies and Saudi Arabia.



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      Most of today’s elites have the moral and social reasoning capacities of spoiled toddlers.

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        I’ll go with bull crap for $1000 too, Art.

        Yep, wherever there’s an economic crisis you don’t have to look very very far to find the “crush labor” piece in it.  Sometimes a small piece, sometimes the main piece.

        And if you listen to some economists, the “crush labor” piece was the main piece of the 70’s so-called “stagflation” which was actually capital strike, with the OPEC piece OK’d by the US too.

        Labor managed to survive that round, but the Reagan round was the death blow.

        As for Boris, he is a parrot to power who just upgraded his own digs.  Apparently his furnishings are a matter of state, which UK proles must pay for, just like they’re paying for the demise of NHS and everything else that remains of the UK’s welfare state.  Inflation, you know.

        Inflation caused by the monopolization of just about everything by the global 1%.

        Y’all have to pay for that, too.


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      Looks like only 59% of his party voted for him.  But he feels triumphant.  And cocky.

      Wonder if Biden is going to try the same bullshit, with wages and the safety net.  Whilst folks are all hopeful about Bernie’s Social Security enhancement.

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      Straight from the supply siders handbook. C’mon Boris. Just say it. A rising tide lifts all boats. This should hasten the divorce from Northern Ireland. Maybe Scotland is next?

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      Either Johnson arranges for an end to the embargo on Russian fuel, or he should face serious protests calling for his resignation. If the stink of his failure starts clinging to his party, and his important supporters, they can force that by threatening him with no future after he is out of office. A few cabinet resignations would accelerate things.

      They all want a future, and going down with the HMS Boris Johnson as it sinks would preclude that.

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