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    Brazil Youth Minister Wanted More Deadly Prison Riots

    Brazil Youth Minister Wanted More Deadly Prison Riots

    Published 11 January 2017 (10 hours 45 minutes ago)

    Michel Temer’s government believed murder could be an effective form of population control for the country’s overcrowded prisons.  Brazil’s government faces one of its most difficult political moments of its short time in office following the death of close to 100 prisoners in a week and after one of its ministers welcomed the deaths, saying the country needed more deadly riots to control the country’s prison overpopulation.

    “More people should have died. There should be one riot each week,” said Minister of Youth Affairs Bruno Julio on Saturday, which led him to resign just hours after his statement.  Just three days after a prison massacre that saw 56 inmates dead and some decapitated during a prison riot in Amazonas on Jan. 1, President Temer said it was a “terrible accident.” More than 100 prisoners escaped the prison and are still on the run.

    Read more: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Brazil-Youth-Minister-Wanted-More-Deadly-Prison-Riots-20170111-0007.html


    Hey, probably most americans feel the same, and its quite obvious the ptb do for the most part, because they put people in jail and then fuck with them = wanting them to die.


    Nobody gives a shit — and the biggest chunk of the population = drug crime — also a creation of the ptb

    = profit on death

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