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    Breaking – VeteransRespond to Standing Rock

    This is NOT the group Wes Clark Jr was formerly associated with. These Vets are support not protection and are still there but are leaving now. I am not advocating donating. This is just where the message is posted a few minutes ago and I think it is best you see and read it as it is.

    Personal note: With the defeat of Rep Ellison and the capitulation by Trump to the deep state last week I am going into retreat for healing and finding my path forward. Thank you all for letting me struggle here. I will be lurking but not posting unless something like this comes my way or I have something positive to contribute.


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    1. I know the feeling, I am burned out. I plan on spending time

    trying to figure out how aspergers affects 69 year olds and older. I don’t think I want to give up on feeling like a 13 year old though.

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    2. I hope positive inspiration comes to you

    For every negative thought, the flip side of positivism awaits you.


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    3. Jump back in when you're ready

    Your contributions are appreciated