BULLSHIT ALERT! Joe Biden Says He's "Fighting to Expand Social Security". THAT'S A LIE!

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      BULLSHIT ALERT! Joe Biden Says He’s “Fighting to Expand Social Security”. THAT’S A LIE!



      “….“Expand”? “Expand”?? THAT’S A LIE! That’s a Trump-level blatant lie. Biden has told two demonstrable whoppers about his record during this campaign – one about Iraq and the other about Social Security. He is a sitting duck for the GOP come the general election…”




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      Well, there are always official records of words spoken, votes taken and so on.

      “Centrists” don’t have much to cover their backs in that regard, because as “centrist bi-partisan moderates” their only purpose has ever been to supply the needed votes for the right wing oligarchs to win, time after time, whatever Rep/Dem provided the fig leaf on the USA’s wholly owned “democracy”.   And they’ve done an admirable job of doing just that – and that might cover their bank accounts, but it hardly covers their backs.

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      Yeah, Joe Biden is lying about that.  On many occasions he sought to find ways to downsize both Social Security and Medicare.

      We all here on JPR know that, but just saying.

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      expand, explode, explain, expect… err, something like that, right?

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