Buttigieg says he wasn't comfortable with Clinton attack on Gabbard

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      (The Hill) Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in a Sunday interview expressed discomfort with Hillary Clinton’s characterization of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) as a Russian asset.

      Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that he did not want to “get in the middle of” the battle over Clinton’s comments.

      But when Todd asked if he was comfortable with Clinton’s critique of Gabbard, Buttigieg said, “No, I’m not.”

      “I’m also not going to get in the middle of it because we, as a party and as a country, have to focus on the future,” he said.

      Full story here.

      I find it weak, much as I fund Buttgig weak and a corrupt little weasel. Still, the fact that he said anything at all negative towards the McCarthyism the Imperial Slimebucket just threw at Tulsi tells me that her attack is failing to gain traction beyond certain cocktail circles and bad websites. Is it too much to hope for another long walk in the woods?

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      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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