By Rejecting WTO Drug Patent Waivers Amid Pandemic, Richest Nations Put Big Pharma Profits Before Health of Billions

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      The United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia all opposed intellectual property waivers at a Friday meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva. Such waivers would allow mass production of life-saving advances in a move campaigners say could shorten the peaking pandemic.

      Seeking to avoid the type of tragedy the world witnessed a generation ago when hundreds of thousands of people in poor countries died from AIDS because they couldn’t afford HIV medications, Kenya on Friday formally asked the WTO to suspend patents for certain Covid-19 treatments. 

      Last month, India and South Africa were the first countries to propose granting permission to WTO members to temporarily waive patents and other protections on all Covid-19-related vaccines and treatments until the end of the pandemic. Since then, China—which according to Reuters has five Covid-19 vaccine candidates in late-stage trials—has voiced support for the waivers. Dozens of mostly developing nations also back waivers, as do over 100 civil society groups in Europe who have signed an open letter sent to E.U. leaders on Thursday supporting the suspension policy…

      Rich countries have come under fire for cornering the supply of future Covid-19 vaccines. In September, wealthy countries with just 13% of the world’s population had already purchased rights to more than half of all promised vaccine doses, and last week Common Dreams reported that 82% of doses of Pfizer’s forthcoming vaccine had been bought up by rich nations.  Compounding the injustice, say campaigners, is the unprecedented amount of taxpayer funding pharmaceutical companies have received to develop vaccines.


      Hard to see that western leadership could get any more venal these days; bad PR move too

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      David the Gnome
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      The U.S. and other wealthy Nations will not permit the waivers which would allow other Countries to produce the vaccine on their own.  There is a lack of supply, of course, but that will pass.  Millions of doses are going to be denied to poor Countries so the big drug companies and such can get even richer?

      Fuck that shit.  I hope they do it anyway.

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      How low the USA has fallen. And if they refuse to recognize this as a PANdemic then what is to stop them from refusing the help to their own poor citizens?


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      From the article:

      According to the France-based medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), although Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca/Oxford University have taken a combined $6.68 billion in public funding for their vaccine candidates, the corporations have retained control over key decisions including who gets the vaccines, when they get them, how much they get, and how much they pay.

      Seems like a great basis for a lawsuit.

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      On April 12, 1955, Edward R. Murrow asked Jonas Salk who owned the patent to the polio vaccine. “Well, the people, I would say,” Salk responded. “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

      Where are the Jonas Salks of the world these days?

      GREED used to be shameful.

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        And this is why corporate America (for the most part) pretends that solar energy is “not viable”. Because they can’t own the source material.

        Same applies to medicine…. they will never admit to natural medicines working better than their poison chemicals, even though many of their big pharma drugs actually have active ingredients derived from plants.

        "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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          “they will never admit to natural medicines working better than their poison chemicals”

          We have a contingent of those on JPR. 😉
          20 years ago I was diagnosed with Colitis. It got so bad I could never leave the house. The doctor prescribed some “medicine” which made it even worse… which I didn’t think was possible, but his magic medicine made it worse. It went directly in the garbage.
          I jumped on Google and found a smattering of people who had had luck with ProBiotics (not as popular then as they are now) so I ordered what I could find, Culturelle, and in TWO Weeks, I was almost as good as new. A cheap $10 (at the time) natural product was my miracle. Still is. I take it daily. Kefir pretty much stopped all flareups. I would chew off my right arm if digestive doctors are prescribing over-the-counter probiotics for Colitis treatment. I bet they’re not.

          And look at Statins and their side-effects; memory loss, muscle damage, higher risk of diabetes, liver damage, etc…
          And niacin works better with very little risk, if any. And costs $22.00 for 500.
          Viruses? Hit the Vitamin C instead of their poisons. Cold/flu? Pound down the Vitamin C. Infections? Hit the Vitamin C. Large doses.
          Sinus infection? Neti pot.
          I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

          And – There’s likely been a cancer cure since the 1930s, but it wasn’t profitable for Big Pharma or the medical community, so they made the choice to let people die in order to make big bucks. They buried the studies showing great successes and ran the doctor out of the country.
          The same thing they did to Dr. Burzynski (sp?) in Texas who was curing CHILDREN with RARE brain tumors. The medical community left them for dead – sent them home to die and Burzynski was the parent’s last resort. But they still made his life hell for doing what THEY COULDN’T DO with their poison chemo and radiation. He destroyed the rare tumors and saved their young lives.
          He put his entire hearing/trial on YouTube, if anyone cares to watch what they did to that doctor. It’s despicable.

          Now Big Pharma has the unmitigated gall to profit off a PANDEMIC vaccine and steal it from poor countries . DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS that they are. Why aren’t doctors and hospitals speaking out against these vultures? Their silence makes them complicit. Most likely because of kickbacks.

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