California could become first US state to offer universal healthcare to residents

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      California’s governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, campaigned for office in 2018 with the promise of helping usher in a single-payer health system but is facing re-election this year without making clear whether universal healthcare is still a priority.

      “I think that the ideal system is a single-payer system. I’ve been consistent with that for well over a decade,” he said on Monday at a news conference. But he said he had not “had the opportunity to review” the plan being debated by legislature.

      In the meantime, Newsom on Monday unveiled his own proposal to expand access to Medi-Cal, a state-run healthcare program for low-income Californians, to extend eligibility to all residents regardless of immigration status. Newsom’s plan proposes spending $2.2bn a year to expand Medi-Cal eligibility for all low-income residents, after years of incrementally including first undocumented children and then seniors in the program.

      The proposal, if approved by California’s legislature, would expand health coverage for about 700,000 additional people. If it gets final approval this summer, it could take effect by 2024.

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