California man dies after police pin him down for five minutes (Axios via Yahoo)

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      A man in California died in police custody April 19 after Alameda Police Department officers pinned him facedown for nearly five minutes, as shown by body camera footage released Tuesday, the New York Times reports.


      What they’re saying: “Alameda police officers murdered my brother,” Gerardo Gonzalez said at a Tuesday press conference.

      The initial Alameda police report claims that “physical altercation ensued” after officers tried to arrest Gonzalez, and that he “had a medical emergency” as he was being detained and later died at a local hospital.

      Julia Sherwin, a lawyer representing the family of Gonzalez, compared the initial Alameda police report to how Minneapolis police first described Floyd’s death — which made no mention of the kind of force Chauvin used on the 46-year-old Black man.

      LINK–Yahoo, California man dies after police pin him down for five minutes


      Warning, graphic video below. A man dies.


      This is sad. As much as the police try, the video above prove they are not equipped to handle the situation. More time was needed to give this man the attention he required. In my opinion, society and the police want an instant solution to all problems.

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      All police are supposed to be trained to get the handcuffs on the suspect, then move him or her to a sitting position right away. They are trained to do this because it is established that pinning someone to the ground for several minutes can soffocate the person. I don’t know why they are ignoring their training, but we are seeing two or three cops kneeling on a handcuffed suspect and another group of cops standing around.

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      So who cares??

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      Not white.

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