California To Make Its Own Insulin, Lowering Costs For Diabetics

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      Newsom’s administration previously said that state-made insulin may lower insurer spending on the treatment by 70%, the Los Angeles Times reported last month. If all goes according to plan, those savings would be passed on to consumers.

      For people without diabetes, the pancreas capably creates insulin, an essential hormone that helps the body use or store the glucose it receives from food. But diabetes disrupts that process.

      For the 1.6 million Americans with Type 1 diabetes, their pancreas stops making insulin, and they must be injected with a manufactured version of the hormone to stay alive. Type 2 diabetes is far more common, affecting 35.4 million Americans. While their pancreases still make insulin, their bodies don’t always respond well to it, and they may need the hormone injections in some cases.

      The price of the four most commonly prescribed insulins has tripled over the last decade. Experts attribute that rise to the United States’ free-market approach to pharmaceuticals in which drug companies negotiate prices with private insurers. But Medicare, the government-sponsored insurance for people 65 and older, the largest buyer of drugs in the U.S., is not allowed to bargain over costs.

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