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    Californian voters re-elect dead man as city treasurer

    In California voters re-elected their incumbent City Treasurer despite the fact he had died more than a month earlier


    Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US Presidential elections has sent shock waves across the world, but it was not the only surprising election win to take place this week. 


    In a city council election in Oceanside, California, voters re-elected their incumbent City Treasurer Gary Ernst on Tuesday, despite the fact he died more than a month earlier. 


    Mr Ernst garnered 17,659 votes in the election, beating his challenger Nadine Scott by six percentage points. 


    Officials said there had not been enough time to remove his name from the ballot after he died from diabetes complications on 23 September.




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  • Demeter (5253 posts)
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    1. Dead men collect no taxes!

    perhaps that’s why.

    Obama promised a lot of transparency. It finally showed up.--downwinder
  • HIP56948 (1781 posts)
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    2. "Officials said there had not been enough time to remove his name."

    Over 2 weeks.  ?  Why would it take so long in a small community ?

  • Satan (1449 posts)
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    3. Remember when John Asscrotch lost an election to a dead man?

    Sadly, Cheney rewarded him with the Federal AG gig shortly after, but it was still HELLarious at the time.


    Fuck Trump, and fuck anybody who defends him. He has proven himself to be a threat to all life on Earth.
  • azurnoir (1669 posts)
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    4. well at least they found a means of electing an honest city treasurer

  • FanBoy (7035 posts)
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    5. well, i guess that solves the question about educated voters.

    • happyslug (148 posts)
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      6. Yes it does, this forces a new election

      As opposed to leaving someone most voters reject take the seat.  This happens all of the time in the USA ,mostly at the local level.


      • FanBoy (7035 posts)
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        7. Good point. But I wonder how many voters voted for the dead guy for that

        reason, v. lazy “name recognition”.