Can Corporate America Get Behind Medicare for All?

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    Any business owner, regardless of their political leanings, knows that health care costs are skyrocketing. Today, the average premium for a family plan is more than $20,000. Only 47 percent of firms with between three and nine employees now offer health insurance.

    Medicare for All’s price tag will depend entirely on the details of the plan, though taxes will almost certainly go up. But even if businesses do have to pay more in taxes, they will at least no longer have to foot the bill for their employees’ rising premiums; they may even save money in the long run, in part because the government would have unprecedented leverage to negotiate lower rates for providers.

    A few big businesses have been won over to this argument. Bastian Lehmann, the CEO of Postmates, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, of the Vermont ice creamery, are among Business for Medicare for All’s almost 3,000 members. Most of the rest are small-business owners who have struggled to keep up with health care costs. Bram Kleppner, for instance, the CEO of one small Vermont business, Danforth Pewter, ran the numbers on the Sanders financing plan and found that it would save him between $50,000 and $100,000 a year, which would cover the cost of opening a new store, maybe even hiring a few new employees.

    Still, Congress responds to pressure from business above all else, so why not exploit it? The landscape of the Medicare for All fight would look very different if businesses got on board. And having Wendell Potter at the helm makes the argument for universal health care all the more compelling. His career arc, from slimy industry insider to whistle-blower and advocate, has lost him some friends; Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, with whom Potter said he worked during the Affordable Care Act fight, no longer calls him to shoot the breeze. But that’s fine, too, he said, because things change. “It’s just a matter of time”—and putting in the work.

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    Overall, corporate America should end up saving money. Some of the profit, should go to the employee in a raise. Some of it should go for healthcare of the employees to help cover M4A.  The remainder is profit.  Everyone wins. If we need more, we could actually tax the corporations.

    IE: Right now let’s say it costs an employer for healthcare 200.00 per employee, per pay period. They wont be paying that anymore.

    You give 20% to the employee(raise), 30% to the government(health care tax), and pocket 50% as your profit.

    Of course these numbers can change. Either way, everyone is a winner over our current system.

    I'm done, It's over for now. It was nice meeting all the cool people here.

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