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  • Judi Lynn (9395 posts)
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    Canadian judge who wore 'MAGA' hat in court suspended

    Canadian judge who wore ‘MAGA’ hat in court suspended
    The judge had worn the hat to ‘add a bit of humour’ to the court proceedings
    Alexandra Wilts Washington DC
    6 hours ago

    A Canadian judge who wore a “Make America Great Again” hat in court has been suspended for 30 days.

    Judge Bernd Zabel had shown up to work the day after the US’s 2016 election donning the hat advertising Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

    After the Globe and Mail published a story about Mr Zabel’s MAGA attire, the Ontario Judicial Council received a flood of complaints from people expressing concerns that they would not be treated impartially in Mr Zabel’s courtroom, according to Buzzfeed News.

    Appearing before the council’s disciplinary panel last month, Mr Zabel said he regretted wearing the hat.


    Judge Bernd Zabel


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  • spud demon (1201 posts)
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    1. People don't get jokes.

    If a Canadian judge is wearing that hat, obviously it’s out of sarcasm.

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  • peacecorps (4876 posts)
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    2. "He wore one of the iconic red hats to “add a bit of humour” to the court

    proceedings. But that apparently didn’t work.

    Nice try, judge. I agree that sometimes humor is the best way to deal with nativists like Trump but this effort kind of backfired.

  • GummyBearz (263 posts)
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    3. If Hillary won and he wore a H> hat would he get suspended?

    Maybe or maybe not.  Either way its dumb though.