Canadian skater rescues family of deer from frozen lake

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      Mother and two fawns were found splayed on ice
      Video shows deer being towed to safety at Ontario lake

      Leyland Cecco in Toronto

      Mon 16 Dec 2019 12.55 EST

      here are days in a Canadian winter – when the temperature drops well below freezing and the snow hasn’t yet fallen – that transform any body of freshwater into a glass-like sheet of ice.

      But what can bring joy to an adventurous human can prove a nightmare for some wild animals.

      Footage of an Ontario man rescuing a family of deer stranded on the ice has been shared thousands of times after the video was posted online.

      Eager to take advantage of a cold snap, Ryan Peterson laced up his skates on a recent lunch break. Gliding across Lake of the Woods in northern Ontario, Peterson spotted a trio of white tail deer, hopelessly splayed on the ice.


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