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      If we can’t cure COVID maybe we can at least roll-back Cancel Culture.

      Maybe. But one wonders whether it… this CC Cure…. will pass judicial scrutiny. Not to mention the even more daunting task of getting it through congress.

      Basically he ( atty. Michael Schwartz) wants to amend Title VII to include “viewpoints or beliefs”. Perhaps it’s time for another….ahem…. “conversation”.  Every little bit helps, sez I.  Go, Mike, go!

      From yesterday’s NY Post:


      An epidemic of workplace discrimination is sweeping the United States. It threatens not only people’s jobs and livelihoods, but the very structure of our civic life. It calls out for an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

      The victims aren’t targeted over their race, sex, sexual orientation or even gender identity (that last category now being recognized as covered under the act by a recent decision of the Supreme Court). All those groups already have protection. The epidemic I’m talking about is workplace discrimination against people whose political views are distasteful to the newly energized and apparently ascendant woke mob.

      Amazingly, the Civil Rights Act doesn’t protect such people, so when their employers bow to the mob and fire them, or pass them over for promotion and hiring, the bosses make a cost-free decision. Indeed, employers would almost have to be crazy not to bow to the rampaging mob.

      The mob can stage a boycott of the employers’ businesses or stores. It can expose employers to a shaming campaign. It can camp out at employers’ places of business — or even the human-resources managers’ homes.

      Meanwhile, the victimized employee or job-seeker is defenseless.>>>>>>>

      The rest at:


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      counter-cultures. It is how cultures evolve. Culture is vaguely defined and we should not expect the same rote memorized speech about culture otherwise it has become stagnant.

      Those who make it their business to cancel cultures need to get a grip on reality. e.g. Steroids are bad, harmful, yet when doctors administer them, ok? McGwire took steroids NOT TO HIT THE BALL FURTHER. This is total bs! If the ball goes 545 feet (with ‘roids) over the fence instead of 543 feet over the same 390 ft. fence, does it matter? He did it to TRY TO HEAL HIMSELF. Steroids can heal a body faster. He was hyper-torquing his body to hit huge dingers to the delight of fans. But eventually ‘roids or something similar is what humans will want to heal their aches and pains. McGwire lied to the liars in Congress and was disallowed from the Hall of Fame as a result. But he and others took risks which may or may not advance our understanding of the human body.

      This next one gets me in hot water all the time. Please dear radicals understand this: that Serena Williams is a very dominant tennis player. She routinely kicks the butts of the best of all women tennis players in the world. She could probably beat most men too. But at the upper echelon, she will get pounded by the elite men. So I conclude she is not the greatest tennis player in the world.

      Our women’s soccer team in great need of a well deserved mega pay raise. bring home the world cup on many occasions. They are the greatest performing team in US Soccer history. The men seldom advance in world cup, if they even qualify.

      So now, a more serious attempt to define culture.

      Thought influences language. Language influences behavior and behaviors influence culture.

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